Planet Zebes

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File:SSB Planet Zebes.png
Planet Zebes's appearance in Super Smash Bros.

Planet Zebes is a planet seen in the Metroid series. It is the main setting of the first and the third game in the series, Metroid and Super Metroid, respectively. The surface is mostly barren and the underground is riddled with large caverns.

Planet Zebes also appears as a stage in Super Smash Bros. The only feature is the acid, that rises about every 30 seconds and damages any players. After a few cycles, it rises so high that only the center platform, which is also the highest, is safe. Samus is always fought here in 1P Mode. The unlocking match for Captain Falcon takes place here, due to the game featuring no F-Zero stages.

The stage itself is not in any of the sequels. A similar stage called Brinstar is in the games instead. The stage's music does return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, however, and can be played on any Metroid-themed stage.

Names in other languages


Language Name Meaning
Japanese 惑星ゼーベス
Wakusei Zēbesu
Planet Zebes

it:Planet Zebes