Prince Froggy

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Prince Froggy

Prince Froggy's typical sly look.
Full name Prince Froggy
Species Frog Pirate
First appearance Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995)
Latest appearance Yoshi's Island DS (cameo) (2006)
“Ribbet, ribbet, Froggy here!”
Prince Froggy, Tetris Attack

Prince Froggy is a Frog Pirate who lives in a large swampy area on Yoshi's Island.


Yoshi series

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Yellow Yoshi and Baby Mario inside of Prince Froggy.

Prince Froggy's the midpoint boss of World 3 in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, and offers a truly unique challenge. When Yellow Yoshi engages the royal Frog Pirate in combat, Kamek swoops in and shrinks Yoshi, allowing Prince Froggy to swallow the poor Yoshi whole. The actual battle is between the Yellow Yoshi and Prince Froggy's uvula, with hazardous dripping stomach acid. Shy Guys (which appear larger due to Yoshi's diminished size) fall into the stomach, which can be turned into Eggs. Yoshi must throw the eggs at the prince's uvula. After enough hits, Yoshi escapes through Froggy's intestines, and reverts back to normal size.

Tetris Attack

He reappears in Tetris Attack as a partner to Clawdaddy. Froggy had also changed his evil ways and was a friend of Yoshi's to be rescued from Kamek's spell.

Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 呱呱蛙王子/呱呱蛙王子
Guāguāwā Wángzǐ
Croaking Frog Prince
French Couac la Goinfre "Couac" is an onomatopoeia for a frog's croak; "Goinfre" means glutton
German Börk Börk Onomatopoeia for a frog's croak
Italian Sir Ranocchio Sir Froggy
Spanish Príncipe Rana Prince Frog


  • The name "Prince Froggy" is a reference to a fairy tale involving a princess kissing a frog and turning it into a prince.
  • In the original Japanese version, his name is "Gerogero" instead - indicating that he is not truly royalty.
  • He is the only boss that is not affected by Kamek's magic. In turn, he is also the only boss that does not explode, signifying defeat - Yoshi does the explosion effect instead.