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“All Wiggler wanted was to make a flower garden. The flowers are Wiggler's good friends...”
Wiggly, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Dream Team Enemy
Location(s) Wakeport
Level 26
HP 1485
Power 256
Defense 188
Speed 1
Experience 1000
Coins 400
Coin Rate 100%
Item Drop(s) 1-Up Deluxe (50%)
Rare Drop(s) Max Candy (30%)

Wiggly is a Wiggler who appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team as a boss on the outskirts of Wakeport. He first appears when Mario and Luigi arrive at Wakeport during their search for the Ultibed parts in the least-urban area of Wakeport, where he talks about his plans to make a flower garden aloud. Popple is nearby watching Wiggly under the assumption that he was a security guard hired by the collector who lives in the house he is currently attempting to break into. After Mario and Luigi arrive and are spotted by Popple, he enrages Wiggly and drags the Bros. into a battle against him.

After being defeated by mainly Mario and Luigi as Popple hindered them throughout the battle, Popple attempts to take down Mario and Luigi, failing and as a result getting defeated himself and knocked into a daze. After both parts of the battle, Wiggly, while in a meager amount of pain, questions the motives of Popple and states his intention of making a flower garden while doing so. Popple, realizing this only now, becomes outraged and insults Wiggly's intentions. He enrages Wiggly once more, and is chased away by him, now with plans to get off the island.


At the very start of battle, Popple climbs on top of Wiggly and pulls the flower on his head, enraging him and making him lift his front half into the air to slam it down soon after. Depending on which Bro. Wiggly is in line with before slamming down, it sends out a shock-wave that the Bro. who is in line with him must jump over first, the other having to afterwards. After several rounds of this, Wiggly flings Popple into the air, him eventually landing on the Bro. Wiggly was lined up with last.

Wiggly may also do this attack outside of his enraged state several times, but for each shock-wave, both Bros. must jump over it simultaneously before it hits them to avoid it, as Wiggly is in line with a spot between the Bros. As Wiggly is not enraged, Popple is not on Wiggly, and thus he does not get flung off afterwards.

Wiggly can charge at a Bro. he lines up with beforehand, the Bro. having to jump on or over Wiggly to avoid taking damage. Regardless of the result, Wiggly will come charging back to his starting position from behind the Bros., this time Popple approaching the next targeted Bro. and clinging on to them (unless they have the Dizzy status in which case he won't at all), making them jump as if they were carrying a defeated Bro.

If Popple is left unattended during battle when he approaches Wiggly a turn beforehand, he will in some form (this deciding which enraged attack Wiggly will do) attack Wiggly and enrage him, causing him to perform a different range of attacks for that turn. Wiggly will re-perform his opening attack if Popple climbs on to Wiggly and pulls the flower on his head again.

If Popple jumps into Wiggly's face, he will skid back a bit, then walk backwards off-screen to reappear enraged from the background, where he will then chase the trio, Mario running on the left, Popple in the middle and Luigi on the right. Wiggly will line up with a Bro. from behind and run towards them faster than he normally does, the Bro. having to jump over or on Wiggly to avoid taking damage. While Wiggly lines up with a Bro., Popple may ram them from the side unless they jump over or on to Popple. Getting hit will result in the Bro. losing his running pace and thus getting trampled by Wiggly. Any Bro. who takes damage in this attack will no longer be in this round of the attack. After several rounds or when both Bros. get hit, the attack will end.


“Wiggly Wiggler is full of RAGE!!!”
Wiggly, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team


  • Although his name is Wiggly, in battle the game refers to him as Wiggler.
  • Wiggly usually refers to himself in the third person, much like Wiggler from Paper Mario: Sticker Star does.