Club 64 bartender

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Club 64 bartender

Paper Mario sprite
General information
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario (2001)
“He runs this restaurant. He just opened it. He also plays a mean guitar. I'm sure he'll be popular here. I hope to come here one day with my whole family. I don't like fish, though.”
Goombario's tattle, Paper Mario

The Club 64 bartender is a Toad in Paper Mario who runs Club 64. He can be distinguished from the other Toads by his more bulky form, a mustache and a smaller cap. Throughout the game, he stands in front of the bar while polishing a glass. In his tattle, Goombario states that he "plays a mean guitar," and he can be seen playing to go along with Pop Diva's singing when the Lyrics side quest is finished, which is the only time he can be seen away from his usual spot. He says that he knows people's wishes, as he states that he has heard people's wishes ever since he "first opened this place up". Herb T., Podley, and Podler from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door resemble him as the three have a mustache and polish glasses as well, with Podley and Podler also having eyeglasses and Herb T. also being a Toad.