David Grenewetzki

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Mario? Heh-heh. Sure you are! And I'm William Shakespeare. Well, I've got a meeting to attend. See you around, Mario. And say hello to Luigi for me! Ha-ha... Mario...”
David Grenewetzki, Mario's Time Machine
David Grenewetzki
General information
Species Human
First appearance Mario's Time Machine (PC) (1993)
Latest appearance Mario's Time Machine Deluxe (1994)

David Grenewetzki, also credited as Dave Grenewetzki and often going by the nickname Greno, is a former employee of The Software Toolworks. He served as the company's Chief Technical Officer, Sr. Vice President and Director of Software Development, and was specifically in charge the entire Mario's Time Machine project. After The Software Toolworks, he held high corporate positions at several gaming companies, including Accolade, Sierra Entertainment, and Irrational Games, before eventually becoming the executive chairman of AlterG, a medical device company that specializes in anti-gravity treadmills. Grenewetzki, along with a few other The Software Toolworks employees, have appeared as characters in PC versions of Mario's Time Machine, and Mario meets them upon traveling to The Software Toolworks headquarters in Novato in 1993, or 1994 in the Mario's Time Machine Deluxe version.

Grenewetzki's office has a few Mario-related objects, including a framed poster of Mario is Missing! (another game worked on by The Software Toolworks), a framed picture of Mario giving the peace sign (only his head and left hand are shown), and a coffee mug of Mario's smiling face behind Grenewetzki's spinning chair. The framed pictures sit between two large windows from which a lake can be seen as well as two storks, one from each window. There is also an unplugged desktop computer, a model airplane, and a brown gorilla-like sculpture.


Mario's Time Machine

In PC versions of Mario's Time Machine, David Grenewetzki was working at The Software Toolworks in a corner office where Bowser stole a Floppy Disk holding the final version of Mario's Time Machine. Mario travels to the headquarters to return it. At first, Mario does not know that he needs to bring the Floppy Disk back to Grenewetzki, so he questions several other employees about it, including Andrew Iverson, Don Lloyd, Jeff Griffeath, and an unnamed quality assurance character.

If Mario talks to Grenewetzki without confirming the disk's owner, Mario asks where he is, and Grenewetzki confusedly tells him that he is in Novato, California. Grenewetzki then tells Mario that he has lost the final version of the company's edutainment product and that he needs to look for it. Both Iverson and Lloyd tell Mario to bring the Floppy Disk to Grenewetzki, and QA elaborates on Grenewetzki's role.

Eventually, when Mario figures out who he needs to give the disk to, he asks Grenewetzki if he is looking for the Floppy Disk. Grenewetzki quickly recognizes it, excitedly telling Mario that they can now ship the game to "stores everywhere." Grenewetzki asks for Mario's name, but when Mario replies that his name is "Mario Mario," Grenewetzki does not believe him. Grenewetzki sarcastically replies that he is William Shakespeare, and tells Mario that he needs to go to a business meeting. Grenewetzki then makes another sarcastic statement, asking Mario to say hello to Luigi, all while laughing. Mario leaves Novato and continues his journey to confront Bowser.

Related quotes

  • "Dave Grenewetzki? He’s the main man. The big cheese. The top banana. Numero Uno. El Cid. #1 on the runway... He’s got a corner office and the power to use it!" — QA


  • Grenewetzki's LinkedIn profile ends with "dgreno" - a unique URL based on his nickname.

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