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Novato in the PC release of Mario's Time Machine
General information
Located California, United States of America
Inhabitants Humans (including David Grenewetzki, Andrew Iverson, Don Lloyd, Jeff Griffeath, and a Q&A representative)
First appearance Mario's Time Machine (PC) (1993)
Latest appearance Mario's Time Machine Deluxe (1994)
An unnamed QA character in the town

Novato, California is a city in the United States of America. It was where The Software Toolworks's headquarters was located before the company became defunct in 2011. Novato makes an appearance in the PC version of Mario's Time Machine, also being the location of The Software Toolworks's headquarters. The background graphic shows a cloud of Mario's face.

In-game history

Bowser uses his timulator to steal a Floppy Disk from Novato in 1993 (1994 in the Deluxe version). This Floppy Disk is actually the proto-copy of Mario's Time Machine, and Bowser's plan is to prevent the game and its events from ever existing, therefore allowing him to travel back in time and ruin history without being bothered by Mario. Novato is the final location that Mario visits, as he can only access there and return the Floppy Disk once all the other stolen items have been returned to their respective timeline.

At Novato, Mario talks to some of the game developers, including David Grenewetzki (the person in charge of The Software Toolworks), Andrew Iverson (the game's writer), Don Lloyd (one of the programmers), and Jeff Griffeath (the lead artist), and he also helps them finish up the game itself. Mario eventually delivers the Floppy Disk to Grenewetzki, and he then leaves Novato to confront Bowser.


Mario's Time Machine
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