Fast-Foe Comet

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Mario crossing the Cyclone Stone in the Beach Bowl Galaxy

The Fast-Foe Comet is a type of Prankster Comet featured in Super Mario Galaxy that speeds up all enemies and obstacles in a stage. Mario must complete the stage while avoiding the accelerated enemies and obstacles. Only two galaxies are visited by the Fast-Foe Comet: the Beach Bowl Galaxy, and Toy Time Galaxy. Tox Boxes, Thwomps, and moving platforms are the only objects affected.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, they are replaced with Double Time Comets.

Galaxy Episode title Based on
Beach Bowl Galaxy Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone The Secret Undersea Cavern
Toy Time Galaxy Fast Foes of Toy Time The Flipswitch Chain

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クイックコメット
Kuikku Kometto
Quick Comet
Chinese 极速彗星
Jísù Huìxīng
Speed Comet
French Comète rapide Fast Comet
German Tempokomet Tempo (Speed) Comet
Italian Cometa Rapida Fast Comet
Spanish (Americas) Cometa Rápido Quick Comet
Spanish (Europe) Cometa Rapidín Fast Comet