Kennedy Space Center

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The Kennedy Space Center

The John F. Kennedy Space Center (usually just referred to as the Kennedy Space Center), named in honor of president John F. Kennedy, is a launch facility for spacecraft, located on the east coast of Florida.

In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Life's Ruff", Hip and Hop Koopa were running amok in Miami, having already turned Luigi and King Windbag into dogs after stealing Windbag's magic wand. After Luigi and Windbag are captured by Herman the dog catcher and taken away to Florida State Poochitentiary, the twins, having stolen a sports car, heard a report on the radio about a space shuttle that was going to launch from the Kennedy Space Center the next morning. Wanting to cause even more trouble, the twins decided to check it out.

While attempting to escape from the pound, Luigi noticed a news report in Herman's office about Hip and Hop running amok in the stolen vehicle and heading towards the space center. Upon escaping the pound, freeing the other dogs in the process, Luigi and King Windbag used Herman's truck to drive to the space center. Upon reaching the center, they were unable to leap over the tall fence. Instead, King Windbag figured that they should dig under it, seeing as how they were dogs.

Meanwhile, Hip and Hop used King Windbag's wand to put two human astronauts to sleep, so that they could steal their space suits, and eventually board the space shuttle. At the same time, Herman showed up to recapture Luigi and Windbag, but they managed to trick him into tying himself up with his own rope by running circles around him quickly.

With Herman out of the way, King Windbag succeeded in tackling Hip and Hop, and stopped them from boarding the space shuttle. Luigi got King Windbag's stolen wand back, and he used it to send the Koopalings back home, as well as put Herman to sleep so he wouldn't watch them transform back to their normal selves. After sending the two Koopas back home, King Windbag then turned Herman into a poodle for a few seconds, so that he would better understand how dogs felt. After turning Herman back to normal after those few seconds, King Windbag and Luigi created another Warp Zone and returned to Ice Land.