Mad Goomba

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Not to be confused with Red Goomba.
Mad Goomba

Artwork of a Mad Goomba from Super Princess Peach
General information
Variant of Goomba
First appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)
Similar entities
Mad Paragoomba
Sad Goomba

Mad Goombas are a variant of Goomba found in Super Princess Peach. They are like Goombas but are inflicted with the Rage vibe, giving them ability to rage wildly. Mad Goombas have the same outer appearance as a normal Goomba, but with a reddish body and an angry expression. When a Mad Goomba stomps its feet, an earthquake follows, stunning Peach if she is nearby.

Mad Goombas have an opposite counterpart named Sad Goomba, which is inflicted with the Gloom vibe.