Mad Red Paragoomba

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Mad Red Paragoomba

Super Princess Peach sprite
General information
Variant of Paragoomba
Mad Goomba
Characteristics Affected by the Rage vibe
Colors Red
Homeland Vibe Island
First appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)

The Mad Red Paragoomba is a variant of Mad Goomba and Red Paragoomba, who in turn are variants of Goomba and Paragoomba, respectively. Mad Red Paragoomba only appears in Super Princess Peach, and it is one of the enemies affected by the Rage vibe.

Upon noticing Peach, a Mad Red Paragoomba charges at her. If a Mad Red Paragoomba falls off a ledge, it can hold on to there and climb back up. Mad Red Paragoombas are mostly encountered in Fury Volcano and Bowser's Villa.