Mayor of New York City

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“Uh oh! Nobody will re-elect me looking like this! Not even in New York!”
Mayor of New York City, "Recycled Koopa"
Mario and Luigi meet up with the almost completely Koopafied Mayor of New York City

The Mayor of New York City is, as his name implies, the mayor of New York City, the original home of Mario and Luigi. At the time of his appearance, the officeholder in the real world was David Dinkins.

In the The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Recycled Koopa," Mario and Luigi, believing the Mayor of New York City can help them clean up the garbage Bowser is dumping on Brooklyn, go to the New York City hall to find him. Arriving at the city hall, Mario and Luigi are horrified to find that the mayor, like everyone else nearby, has begun to mutate into a Koopa Zombie, with only his head remaining human. Before Mario or Luigi can speak with the panicking mayor, he fully transforms into a Koopa Zombie and runs into the streets of the city, where he joins a horde of his mindless, Koopa Zombie brethren. At the end of the episode, he presumably was transformed back to normal with everyone else in Brooklyn.