Paper Petey Piranha

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It has been requested that this article be rewritten. Reason: Remove the Paper Mario: Sticker Star stuff, as Paper Petey Piranha is only in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Paper Petey Piranha
Paper Petey Piranha
Full name Paper Petey Piranha
Species Mutant Piranha Plant
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
Latest appearance Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (2015)

Paper Petey Piranha is the paper counterpart of Petey Piranha who appears in Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. He resides in the Paper Universe along with all the other Paper Mario characters however in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, He came out of the book containing the Paper Mario universe at the beginning of the game.


Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Enemy
Petey Piranha
Petey Piranha PMSS.png
Max HP 300
Attack 7
Defense Quarters any damage
Location(s) Rumble Volcano
Moves Belly Slam (4) Spit (4), Spin (4), Bite (7)

Paper Petey Piranha first appears as a boss in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. He resided in Rumble Volcano and was the one responsible for the eruptions, he ate a Royal Sticker that came descending on the Island as the Spear Guys watched in horror.

When Mario and Kersti arrive at Rumble Volcano, Paper Petey Piranha arrives, swallows, Kersti, and retreated to his platform unfortunately, the hole in the bridge prevented Mario from follwing him. After Mario finally reaches him, Petey engages him in battle.

He mainly fights by flying with his leaves before slamming down on Mario. He can also spit at Mario which can sometimes cause him to gain the "soggy" status effect. After losing HP, he uses his leaves to spin around rapidly to attack Mario but doing so makes him dizzy. Sometimes, Mario gets dizzy if he is hit by this attack. If he is attacked in this state, his weak point (his belly button) becomes exposed, which makes him vulnerable to serious damage. Once he is attacked he eventually spits out Kersti, several Jump stickers, and a Dry Bones. After he is defeated, he explodes and gives up the Royal Sticker. Petey has 300 HP. When he has 100 HP left, he begins a more powerful attack when he bites Mario 3 times. Each time he bites Mario, he deals 7 damage. Once he is defeated, he explodes into confetti and reveals the Green Royal Sticker.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Paper Jam Enemy
Paper Petey Piranha
Location(s) Sunbeam Plains
Level 13
HP 384 (Copies: 34)
858 (Copies: 100)
Power 84
Defense 86
Speed 62
Experience 650
Coins 330
Coin Rate
Item Drop(s) Collector Wear
Rare Drop(s)

In Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, he appears as the game's fourth major boss, and is encountered by Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario chasing a green Toad in Sunbeam Plains. Once Paper Petey spots the trio, he proceeds to battle them. During battle, he begins by stealing Paper Mario's Copy Block in order to create copies of himself. The group have to find out which copy is the original one by attacking the stack of Paper Petey Piranhas until they find the one that takes damage whilst knocked-out on the ground. In an attempt to fool the trio; Paper Petey will occasionally shuffle his copies to try to trick them into attacking the wrong one, and, after a few turns, the grounded copies will regenerate their health points and will be reshuffled into the stack of Paper Peteys.

Paper Petey Piranha attacks by charging into the trio using his copies; which they must counter with their Hammers, and by having two of his copies fly into the air, before slamming onto the ground; creating a sequence of two shockwaves that Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario must avoid by Jumping over them at the correct time. Once half of his health has been drained; Paper Petey Piranha will become enraged and will begin to use a Chase Attack where his copies will fly ahead of Mario or Luigi in a sequence and fold up on the ground, which the player must memorize. As the copies are sent out, some will be spaced out and some will be grouped closely together, the Bros. must jump over the copies in the correct order to avoid damage; grabbing onto Paper Mario's paper airplane form if the copies are grouped together. The trio eventually defeat him and press onwards into the Gloomy Woods.


  • If the player has chosen a Rank-Up Bonus to increase the maximum number of copies that Paper Mario can create, the number of copies that Paper Petey Piranha can create during a rematch in the Battle Ring will also increase.

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