Power Flower (Super Mario 64 DS)

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A Power Flower in Super Mario 64 DS.

Power Flowers are special flowers that appear as a power-up in Super Mario 64 DS. Their functions seem to replace Mario's cap abilities from Super Mario 64, with an extra addition. When Mario uses a Power Flower, he is able to float for a short time, similar to the Power Balloon in Super Mario World. At certain times, the ? Block will give Mario a Wing Feather, causing him to become Wing Mario and allowing him to fly (similar to the Wing Cap). If Luigi uses one, he becomes Vanish Luigi, becoming partially immaterial and able to move through certain objects to get to new places (similarly to the Vanish Cap). If Wario uses one, he becomes Metal Wario, gaining the ability to walk at normal speed underwater, as well as being able to withstand great winds (similarly to the Metal Cap). When Yoshi uses a Power Flower, he will turn into Fire Yoshi.