Giddy Sky

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Giddy Sky
Greater Location Vibe Island
Capital n/a
Ruler Giant Kamek
Inhabitants Paratroopas, Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bros.
First appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)
Bowser's VillaGiddy SkyGleam GlacierWavy BeachFury VolcanoShriek MansionHoo's WoodLadida Plains
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Giddy Sky is the seventh world in the game Super Princess Peach, and, as its name implies, takes place in the sky. The boss of this world is Giant Kamek, who is a Giant Mgaikoopa. He must be defeated in order to rescue Luigi. The main inhabitants, such as Lakitus, Paragoombas, Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bros., Paratroopas, and their corresponding emotional forms, are capable of flight unless Peach jumps on them. There are also hot air balloons that are described as strange devices by the message blocks. Rage is required to make them go up, and there are usually Vibe Crystals along the way.


Enemies Encountered

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
French Nuages Légers


  • Unlike in most Mario games, Princess Peach cannot jump through the clouds unless they're weakening.