Gleam Glacier

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Gleam Glacier
Greater Location Vibe Island
Capital N/A
Ruler Blizzaurus
Inhabitants Spikes, Walrusses, Flurries
First appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)
Bowser's VillaGiddy SkyGleam GlacierWavy BeachFury VolcanoShriek MansionHoo's WoodLadida Plains
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Gleam Glacier is the sixth world in the game Super Princess Peach. It comes right after Wavy Beach. As its name implies, it is icy and snowy. The boss that is fought at the end of Gleam Glacier is Blizzaurus, a snow dragon. Once Blizzaurus is defeated, Peach can go to Giddy Sky.


Enemies Encountered

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
French Glacier Brillant