Glad Ptooie

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Glad Ptooie is an enemy found on Vibe Island in the game, Super Princess Peach.

Like a regular Ptooie, Glad Ptooie hovers a spiked ball over it, while at the same time, spinning around. Unlike Ptooies, it tosses its ball up a few times, and then tosses it to another location, running after it and never missing. Also, if the ground is pounded by Peach using Rage or Poundbrella, the ball will be lost, but the Glad Ptooie will survive. Then, it attacks once by charging fast at Peach. If it hits a wall, it will turn around, and if Peach is still nearby, it will attack again. Otherwise, it just moves back and forth happily still. Knowing glad enemies, this would make it difficult to get pass, so use with caution.

According to the game's Glossary, "It does a happy dance and throws balls in the air."