King Boo (Luigi's Mansion series)

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King Boo

Luigi's Mansion 3 artwork
General information
Species Boo
First appearance Luigi's Mansion (2001)
Latest appearance Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)
“I am not afraid of you, fool! I fear only that infernal Poltergust 3000 you carry on your back! Stupid machine! But I am a KING among Boos! I swear it... I shall fear no mere house-cleaning device!!”
King Boo, Luigi's Mansion

King Boo is the oppressive leader of all the ghosts, the main antagonist of the Luigi's Mansion series, and the arch-enemy of Luigi. He first appeared in Luigi's Mansion. Throughout the series, King Boo devises and enacts his own villainous plots, with his most recurring and notable one being to kidnap Mario and imprison him within a painting. King Boo is skilled in creating illusions, and has the ability to materialize entire objects, most notably the mansion.

Despite his major role in the Luigi's Mansion series, King Boo has a counterpart of same name who, since his debut in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, has made several more appearances.


Luigi's Mansion series

Luigi's Mansion

King Boo
Full name Bowser and King Boo, the Dastardly Duo (GameCube)
King of Boos (3DS)
Age Unknown
Biography Nothing is known about this mysterious entity. (GameCube)

The giant Boo adorned with a crown. It's hard at work on other evil plans involving the other Boos. (Nintendo 3DS)

Room Roof/Secret Altar
HP 500
Luigi's Mansion artwork of King Boo escaping from his Bowser suit

Prior to the events of Luigi's Mansion, Professor E. Gadd captured Boolossus. Using a device called a Ghost Portrificationizer, E. Gadd trapped Boolossus in a portrait and hung it in his Gallery inside his lab in Boo Woods. This angered King Boo, so he devised a plan to rescue Boolossus.

King Boo and his forces attacked the laboratory. The Boos reversed the settings of the Portificationizer and released Boolossus. King Boo then ordered that all the ghosts that E. Gadd had captured should be released as well. After releasing all the portrait ghosts, King Boo created a huge mansion and placed it next to the professor's lab. King Boo, his Boo minions, and the recently freed portrait ghosts decided to inhabit the mansion. With a huge mansion and an army of ghosts, King Boo decided to exact revenge upon Mario and Luigi by capturing the former.

Hoping to capture Luigi, King Boo sends him a letter. The message states that Luigi has won a mansion in a contest and provides the location of the prize. Luigi asks his brother Mario to investigate the mansion and says that he is arriving shortly thereafter. Mario travels to the mansion, but right after he enters, he is instantly overwhelmed by King Boo's forces and captured. King Boo then imprisons him in a portrait, similar to how Boolossus was imprisoned. Mario is placed in the Secret Altar in the basement of the mansion. With Mario captured, King Boo is ready to capture Luigi.

While waiting for Luigi, King Boo and his Boo minions wait behind a secret door in the floor of the Storage Room. When Luigi enters the room and reveals the secret door, the Boos spring out from the floor. However, the Boos (including King Boo) stop their surprise attack when they notice the Poltergust 3000 on Luigi's back. Luigi had been given the Poltergust 3000 by E. Gadd so he could recapture the Portrait ghosts and save his brother. The Poltergust 3000 is one of the few things King Boo fears, and he and the other Boos scatter and hide in the mansion. King Boo travels to the Secret Altar in the mansion's basement.

The special key that Vincent Van Gore holds unlocks the path to the Secret Altar. However, he is locked in The Artist's Studio on the third floor of the mansion. After capturing him and retrieving the key, Luigi discovers that he still cannot enter the Secret Altar. If Luigi attempts to enter the Secret Altar without catching a certain number of Boos, King Boo blows Luigi to the Foyer, the entrance of the mansion. Since King Boo's power is related to the number of Boos in the mansion, Luigi can weaken him by capturing the Boos hidden in various rooms. After Luigi captures at least forty of the mansion's fifty Boos, King Boo loses his ability to blow Luigi from the Secret Altar. Once King Boo is weakened, Luigi enters King Boo's Secret Altar.

The fight in the 3DS remake

Upon entering the Altar, Luigi notices King Boo staring at Mario in the painting while insulting the brothers' intelligence for having fallen for his scheme. King Boo then turns around to face Luigi and states his desire to add a Luigi painting to the collection. After this, King Boo flies into the Mario painting hanging on the wall. The picture of Mario transforms into Bowser, then the new Bowser painting inhales Luigi into the canvas, transporting Luigi into an arena that resembles the mansion's roof. Luigi then confronts Bowser. In reality, this is a suit of Bowser that King Boo controls from the inside and uses as a shield.

King Boo uses this Bowser suit to attack Luigi, shooting flames at him causing ten HP of damage, and even attempting to inhale him into its mouth, deducting fifteen HP upon spitting him out. The suit also has the ability to create three large spiked bombs and toss them at Luigi, which when exploding, take away ten HP. Luigi can use his Poltergust 3000 to grab one of the spiked explosives and release it into the Bowser suit's mouth. This attack blasts the head off of the Bowser suit, causing King Boo to exit the shield and expose himself to the Poltergust 3000. Luigi begins to deplete the ghost's five hundred hit points. Meanwhile, the suit's head hovers around the arena, shooting icy blasts at Luigi, which freezes him briefly. King Boo, after a while, flies back into the dormant Bowser body and the head reattaches itself, resuming the fight. Luigi repeats this process, slowly weakening King Boo, but after King Boo's life falls below two hundred HP, the head of the suit reattaches backwards whenever he returns to the Bowser body, causing the Bowser suit to run around aimlessly. The suit soon corrects its head and resumes the fight. Eventually, Luigi manages to completely drain King Boo's HP and capture him inside the Poltergust 3000.

After the battle, Luigi receives King Boo's crown, worth only 5000G (the equivalent of one coin despite being a gemstone), and adds it to his treasure collection. Upon returning to the mansion, Luigi quickly travels to Professor E. Gadd's lab. In the lab, Luigi connects the Poltergust to the professor's Portrificationizer, dumping its contents into the machine. Both King Boo and the fake Bowser appear on the Portificationizer portrait. With King Boo captured, Professor E. Gadd hangs his new portrait in an empty room in his gallery.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

King Boo's appearance in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

King Boo reappears in the Nintendo 3DS game, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon once again as the main antagonist and final boss. He looks similar to his original appearance from Luigi's Mansion, but retains the full set of teeth and sped-up voice he had in his appearances in the other Mario titles and is also much larger. He has a purple tongue and mouth and glowing purple eyes, and the dark area around his eyes is bigger and darker.

It is revealed later in the game that Professor E. Gadd had sold the portrait of King Boo from Luigi's Mansion at a garage sale (a car boot sale in British English versions), which is how the king escaped. King Boo shatters the Dark Moon into six pieces with a bolt of energy from his crown, which contained a power-enhancing gem. This turns the once-friendly ghosts of Evershade Valley hostile and mischievous as well as sprawling the Dark Moon's pieces to each Mansion of the valley, which Luigi has to recover.

Towards the end of the game, it is revealed that he has captured Mario like he did in the last game. After Luigi gets the last Dark Moon piece and returns to the Bunker, he captures Luigi and pulls him back into the Paranormal Dimension. He reveals to Luigi he escaped from the painting and broke the Dark Moon, causing the ghosts to become under his control. He intends to use the ghosts as an army to conquer the world while also planning to put Luigi, E. Gadd, and all their friends into paintings for revenge. He then engages into battle with Luigi.

King Boo facing Luigi in the final battle

During the final battle, King Boo summons a series of magic lightning bolts with his crown and will attempt to slam Luigi with his body. The latter causes spiked balls to fall from above, which will roll around the tilting platform to pose a hazard. King Boo will stop moving when looked at, and when caught underneath a falling ball he will become stunned, leaving him vulnerable to the Poltergust 5000. Once his HP is depleted and he gets sucked into the Poltergust 5000, he immediately breaks out and sends Luigi into a floating hallway. He then swells to a large size and begins rolling after Luigi, attempting to stall Luigi with various obstacles, such as falling shelves and suits of armor with large polearms. If King Boo does hit Luigi, he'll pause for a moment to laugh maliciously. Once Luigi makes it out of the hall, he will land on another tilting platform, where King Boo will repeat his previous patterns at a higher intensity. The battle concludes after the third battle and second hallway chase, leading to King Boo's defeat and being sucked into the Poltergust 5000.

Luigi's Mansion Arcade

King Boo is the final boss in Luigi's Mansion Arcade, and leads his ghosts in an uprising to get revenge on Luigi and Professor E. Gadd. However, after Luigi has sucked in all of his minions with the Poltergust 5000, King Boo assaults Luigi on the terrace of the Treacherous Mansion. Protected by a magical barrier, he can only be attacked once he lets his guard down. King Boo throws bombs at the player, moves very quickly and clones himself multiple times over the course of the fight. However, only the original has the power-enhancing gem on his crown. Just like in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, he escapes the Poltergust 5000 two times before being defeated for good.

Luigi's Mansion 3

King Boo chasing Luigi down a hallway

King Boo reappears in Luigi's Mansion 3 with the same design as in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, but with more detail on his crown and a more expressive scowl. King Boo is one of the two main antagonists, having been released by the other main antagonist Hellen Gravely, the owner of The Last Resort hotel and a big fan of his, in order to impress him. Seeking revenge on Luigi for his previous defeats, he traps Professor E. Gadd, Mario, Princess Peach, and the three Toads in portraits before going after Luigi, who manages to escape his capture by going down a laundry chute. He later ends up entrusting Hellen Gravely with Mario's portrait, although it's implied that he intended for Luigi to win both due to Gravely's failures by that time and so he could capture both alongside Peach by using the latter as bait, also recapturing the Toads and Professor E. Gadd just after Mario was freed. However, he ultimately fails to capture Luigi atop the hotel due to Polterpup shoving him out of the way of King Boo's portrait, and then proceeds to battle Luigi. To defeat King Boo, Luigi must throw a bomb from a spiked ball King Boo throws into his mouth, then pull on his tongue with Gooigi's help and slam him repeatedly. Upon doing so, King Boo will then generate a clone that attacks alongside him. After this is done twice, King Boo will enlarge the painting, and Luigi will then have four minutes to attack King Boo one last time. The battle ends with King Boo being recaptured by Luigi and placed in a containment jar alongside Gravely, much to his frustration. As the purple gem in his crown was taken by Luigi after the final battle, it is missing from his crown.[1]

The clones that King Boo summons in the final battle reference his original design from Luigi's Mansion, as they only have two teeth, lacking the middle two fangs King Boo is depicted with now.

If the player gets a game over at any point during this game, King Boo will be shown trapping Luigi in a portrait alongside the rest of his friends.

Super Mario-kun

King Boo appears in a short chapter on Luigi's Mansion of volume 26 of Super Mario-kun. As in the game, Luigi reveals King Boo by knocking off the Bowser illusion's head. Unlike in the games, however, King Boo is immediately sucked in.

Mario Kart series

Mario Kart DS

In Mario Kart DS, the Bowser and King Boo painting from Luigi's Mansion appears in the Luigi's Mansion race course, although only Bowser is shown.

Mario Kart Tour

King Boo (Luigi's Mansion) in Mario Kart Tour

In Mario Kart Tour, King Boo is featured as a variation of the main King Boo, and is distinctly titled King Boo (Luigi's Mansion). Both King Boos were introduced in the 2019 Halloween Tour, with the one from the Luigi's Mansion series having his first playable appearance. This variant is listed as a High-End character and has the Bob-omb Cannon special skill. King Boo (Luigi's Mansion) is designed after his appearance in Luigi's Mansion 3, which released just days after the Halloween Tour.

New Super Luigi U

King Boo makes a small cameo in New Super Luigi U in the Secret Exit of Vanishing Ghost House, where his Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon artwork can be seen in the form of a sign hanging from the side of the building.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, King Boo is featured as an Advanced-class Neutral-type primary spirit, and is the enhanced form of the Boo spirit after it has reached level 99. When equipped, the spirit grants the fighter slower fall speed after jumping and has 3 support slots. King Boo is listed as the 49th spirit, though he was listed as the 121st spirit alongside the rest of the Luigi's Mansion series spirits in version 1.0.0 of the game.[2] The King Boo spirit depicts its artwork for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

Tetris 99

In Tetris 99, King Boo makes a cameo during the TETRIS x Luigi's Mansion 3 Event.

General information

Physical appearance

King Boo's redesigned appearance for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

King Boo's original design in Luigi's Mansion depicted him with dark red eyes, a blue tongue, two vampire-like fangs, a greenish complexion, and a ruby in a gold, round-edged crown. He is also roughly the same size as other Boos. Starting with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, this design was slightly modified, though it still mostly resembles his original appearance, albeit with a full row of four teeth and large size typical of King Boo's modern design. Other differences include a larger shadow surrounding his eyes, a dark indigo mouth and tongue, and his crown containing a purple jewel and pointed edges. His artworkMedia:King Boo Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon.png depicts him with purple eyes instead of red, its color in-game, and without his crown's pointed edges. He has also lost his original green tint, now ranging from purplish to pure white.

In Luigi's Mansion 3, King Boo resembles his appearance from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and shows more expression, scowling at Luigi when first being found by him and appearing visibly distressed when captured in the game's credits. King Boo was given purple eyes. His speech icon also uses a green shading reminiscent of his initial appearance, while his portraits show him with a purple crown. In Mario Kart Tour, the Luigi's Mansion variant of King Boo is designed after his Luigi's Mansion 3 appearance, although his tongue is more purple than indigo.


King Boo shows a particular disdain for Luigi

King Boo is shown to harbor a deep hatred for both Mario and Luigi. In Luigi's Mansion, King Boo claims that this is because of they have caused him a lot of trouble in the past, although with Luigi's Mansion being King Boo's debut appearance, this is not elaborated upon. King Boo's grudge towards Luigi is reflected in his interactions with the plumber, such as by insulting him. By comparison, the main King Boo outside the Luigi's Mansion series does not harbor as much of hatred or a grudge toward Luigi.

King Boo is shown to independently devise and enact his own villainous plots. This is unlike his standard counterpart from the overall Mario franchise, who assists Bowser in appearances such as Super Mario 64 DS and Super Princess Peach. In Luigi's Mansion, King Boo even has a Bowser decoy assist him during the final boss battle, and both of them are shown within the same painting.

King Boo loves to scare and toy with his opponents, rather than defeating them quickly. In Luigi's Mansion, he chooses to use his powers to blow Luigi back to the foyer instead of trying to finish him off while at maximum power, and enjoys watching Mario struggle from within the painting he was trapped in, stating Mario's desperate attempts to break free were "satisfying." In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Professor E. Gadd mentions that King Boo redesigned the Treacherous Mansion to make it "scarier."

Despite his huge size and immense power, King Boo still covers his face in fear when looked at, much like a normal Boo, showing that he still has a shy nature like his minions; however, also like a normal Boo, he attacks when his foe's back is turned. King Boo has a distinct cackle, which is significantly lower in pitch than other Boos. He also has an echo in his roar. King Boo is generally fearless, although in Luigi's Mansion, King Boo's fear of the Poltergust 3000 is shown when Luigi accidentally frees him and 50 Boos from the Storage Room, because when King Boo notices of the Poltergust 3000, he instructs all of the Boos to flee.

In Luigi's Mansion, King Boo appears to be considerate of his Boo minions, such as when he freed Boolossus some time after Boolossus was captured by Professor E. Gadd. In subsequent Luigi's Mansion titles, King Boo receives an even darker tone to his personality. In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, he does not show any concern for his Boo minions, and in Luigi's Mansion 3 King Boo even indirectly calls them useless. King Boo especially does not care for ghosts who are not Boos, including his admirer Hellen Gravely, and only uses them during his plans rather than keep them as his subjects alongside his Boos. As with many other main antagonists, King Boo becomes infuriated when his plans do not turn out the way he wants.

In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, King Boo also has a bit of a sarcastic demeanor as well, as when formally revealing himself to Luigi before fighting him, he references his previous defeat at the hands of Luigi as "Good times," despite clearly being angry and vengeful over it. In Luigi's Mansion 3, King Boo impersonates Mario and Luigi's Italian accent saying, "It's-a me, King Boo!" and uses false comfort towards Luigi. In the same game, King Boo is shown to have a degree of cunning, as it is strongly implied that he deliberately had Hellen Gravely guard only Mario's portrait in anticipation of Luigi defeating her so that he could then use Princess Peach's portrait as bait to draw out both Mario and Luigi to try and recapture all the portraits, a plot that nearly turned out successful.

Powers and abilities

In Luigi's Mansion, King Boo uses a lifelike Bowser suit to do battle.

Besides possessing the abilities of other Boos, including the ability to teleport and turn invisible, King Boo has a numerous amount of other powers. Notably in Luigi's Mansion, King Boo's power increases when he is in the presence of other Boos. For example, King Boo has the power to blow Luigi to the Foyer when enough Boos are in the mansion. King Boo also has the power to materialize things, including pulling a complete mansion out of the ghost dimension and creating lifelike paranormal replicas of some of Mario's enemies. He has shown the ability to create Boos or dimensions to battle in and even bubbles and blue fire, which he spits out of his mouth. In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, King Boo is shown to have the ability to grow in size.

In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, King Boo exhibits new abilities such as being able to open paranormal portals (which lead to the ghost dimension), create traps such as sand patches, electrify the terrain to shock Luigi, and teach Boos how to create Spirit Balls. His new crown can also shoot an ectoplasmic laser that can shatter the Dark Moon or trap Toads within paintings. King Boo can create illusions, hence his title "The Master of Illusions." His power is also no longer reliant on the presence of other Boos, although it is stronger when there are other Boos in the vicinity.

In Luigi's Mansion 3, King Boo can create clones and shoot fireballs from his crown.

In Luigi's Mansion 3, King Boo is shown to summon magical paintings to trap people and to a certain extent objects inside. He can also enlarge the portraits in order to ensure he captures all his targets, as an extension of his paranormal portals. King Boo is also able to clone himself. also does not seem to even need the presence of other Boos to grow stronger. In addition, it is also implied that he can still maintain control of the ghosts via his crown gem even when he himself is incapacitated, as the ending had the ghosts Luigi captured swarming to attack Luigi, only to be restored to their senses after the gem vanishes from Luigi's hands.



King Boo is the arch-nemesis of Luigi in the Luigi's Mansion series, akin to Bowser being the arch-nemesis of Mario throughout the overall Mario franchise. However, King Boo also deems Mario as one of his primary adversaries, and was somehow able to capture him in a painting in every Luigi's Mansion title. Professor E. Gadd is another character whom King Boo despises, mainly for his ghost-capturing hobby, and in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, King Boo reveals his desire to get revenge on E. Gadd by trapping him within a portrait. In Luigi's Mansion 3, King Boo manages to successfully imprison E. Gadd within his own portrait, and does the same for Princess Peach. Once Luigi rescues all the Toads, King Boo takes possession of Peach's portrait, knowing that Luigi will come for her once he saves Mario from Hellen Gravely.


While King Boo gets along with other Boos, he is not shown to have any close friendships. In Luigi's Mansion 3, King Boo's admirer, Hellen Gravely, is also a dedicated fan of his. Around the start of the game, Hellen Gravely releases King Boo in hopes of impressing him and aiding him in his plot for revenge against Luigi. King Boo is indifferent to Hellen Gravely, and even manipulates her into being one of his pawns in his plan for vengeance. When Luigi rescues most of his friends, with only Mario and Peach remaining, King Boo retains low faith in Hellen Gravely's capabilities, and as part of his contingency plan, King Boo leaves Hellen Gravely to defeat Luigi if she succeeds or be captured if she fails as part of his contingency plan. King Boo eventually deems Hellen Gravely useless for being unable to subdue Luigi and keep his friends imprisoned.


  • "What's that he's got on his back!? It's E. Gadd's Poltergust 3000! Everybody scram!" - Luigi's Mansion
  • "White gloves! A cute little moustache! Soft shoes! How did you get out of my...? ... Huh? Wait just a second... Your clothes Hey, you must be Luigi! Whoa, you had me a bit confused for a moment there! What? You want me to release Mario? Riiiiight. No, no, no. I will not give up my favorite decoration. I like Mario just where he is. Hey, so what's that you got there? A Poltergust 3000?! Uh oh! What should we do, Boos? Good idea, guys! All Boos in this area, gather your strength! We'll blow him away!!! ... We'll take a big Boo breath... ...and blow you away!!" - Luigi's Mansion
  • "Aahh, I could just stare at my Mario painting for hours! It's true what they say about fine takes utterly refined sensibilities to truly appreciate it! The way you plead for help, Mario... I find it so...satisfying. Perhaps that is merely because I remember how much trouble you've caused me in the past. ... Seriously, though, who would actually believe that mansions get given away in contests?! Talk about stupid! What do they feed you Mario brothers anyway...gullible soup? Your brother came all this way just to get turned into a painting... It's just terrific. However... This Mario painting looks lonely... I must have a Luigi painting as well! Then my gallery will truly be complete! Bleah HA HA! I am not afraid of you, fool! I fear only that infernal Poltergust 3000 you carry on your back! Stupid machine! But I am a KING among Boos! I swear it... I shall fear no mere house-cleaning device!! I must say...I despise the way you SHWEEERRPP-SHLOOOOP-WHOOORPP-SHLEEEOOORG-vacuumed up all my friends! Don't imagine that I'll flee... I'll fight you like a true Boo! Now join your brother... ...inside the painting!" - Luigi's Mansion
  • "Mwah ha ha! Now what do we have here? Why, if it isn't my old pal Luigi! Or is it Baby Luigi? I can't tell the difference. Hey, remember that time you trapped me in a painting for all eternity? Good times. But guess what? I GOT OUT! And now I'm painting the town RED! Yes, it was I who broke the Dark Moon! This power-enhancing jeweled crown of mine made it easy. And now that all the ghosts of Evershade Valley are under my control, it's time to take my rightful place as supreme ruler of your world! You, that annoying scientist, and all your friends will look great hanging from the wall of my throne room! Aaaaaahahaha!" - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
  • "Gwahaha! If it isn't my good friend, Luigi! It's me, your ol' pal KING BOO! Y-You're not telling me you FORGOT ME!? Well, I certainly haven't forgotten YOU! You, that ratty vacuum cleaner, and that stinky old geezer who made it! I haven't forgiven what you did to me, so I've led the ghosts here in an uprising! But you... you and that DISGUSTING machine just SHLEEEERP-SHWOOOOOP-SWHLOOORPSHLOOOORP-SHWEEEERPed them all up! You think I'll let you get away with that!? You're going down this time, Green 'Stache!" - Luigi Mansion Arcade
  • "Mwah ha ha! Surprise, Luigi! It's-a me, King Boo! That old coot had me locked up tight in his lab... But guess what? I GOT OUT! The hotel owner here was just dying to meet me, so she busted me out. Pretty lucky, huh? Anyway, I didn't think that you'd actually show up here. I was ready though, just in case. In fact, my vengeance is nearly complete! What do I mean by "vengeance"? Glad you asked! I'm trapping you and everyone in your vacation party... in frames! Awww, there there, Luigi. It'll be over soon. It's time for a family reunion! BOO-YA! [...] Mwah ha ha! Take THAT! Oh, and there's one more frame, of course. I saved it especially for you! Stay right there and put on your best terrified face, Luigi! This is game over!" - Luigi's Mansion 3
  • "Mwa ha ha! How brash of you to come and face me, Luigi! You should have just run away while you had the chance! But instead you stayed and fought all the way up here to oppose me? How foolish! You may have made your way through the hotel using E. Gadd's frustrating inventions to suck up all the ghosts in your path... You were all SHWEERRPP-SHLOOOOP-WHOOORPP-SHLEEOOORG! Ahem. Anyway, just because you vacuumed up all of those ghosts doesn't mean you can take me on! It doesn't matter that you beat the hotel owner... Hellen Gravely! Ooooooo! She let all your friends get away! It's so frustrating when you trap something in a painting and it gets out, you know? Arg! Hellen Gravely... All those ghosts... Useless! I have to do everything myself! I'm sick of this! No more mercy for you, Luigi! No more tricks--no more carefully laid plans! Now it's time for raw King Boo gusto! You're all going in a painting! An ensemble portrait is your fate!" - Luigi's Mansion 3
  • "Mwa ha ha! Serves you right! Just a few left. Go on! Join them! My painting must be complete! Sorry to keep you waiting. Are you ready? I don't care!" - Luigi's Mansion 3
  • "...Hmm? One-two-three-four-five-six-sev-- WAIT! There should be seven! Who's missing!? [...] Luigi! What are you doing over there?! UGH! That's it! I'm sick to double death of you! You want to fight me? FINE! Let's go, Luigi! This is the end for you, once and for all! HERE I COME!" - Luigi's Mansion 3


Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

  • Website bios:
    • The orchestrator of the Dark Moon debacle is as regal as he is round...Can you bring peace back to Evershade Valley?
    • This spooky sovereign shattered the Dark Moon, causing the ghosts to turn mischievous. Piece the Dark Moon back together and restore peace to Evershade Valley!

Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS)

  • In-game description: The giant Boo adorned with a crown. It's hard at work on evil plans involving the other Boos.

Luigi's Mansion 3

  • In-game bio: "The king of Boos seeks out Luigi wherever he may go. Luigi managed to seal King Boo within a picture frame, but it appears that Hellen Gravely released him back into the world!"

List of game appearances

Title Role Year of release Release medium
Luigi's Mansion Main antagonist, final boss 2001 Nintendo GameCube
Super Mario-kun Volume 26 Minor villain 2002 Manga
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Main antagonist, final boss 2013 Nintendo 3DS
New Super Luigi U Cameo 2013 Wii U
Luigi's Mansion Arcade Main antagonist, final boss 2015 Arcade
Luigi's Mansion Main antagonist, final boss 2018 Nintendo 3DS
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit 2018 Nintendo Switch
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Cameo 2019 Nintendo Switch
Mario Kart Tour (Halloween Tour) Unlockable playable character 2019 iOS / Android
Tetris 99 Cameo in TETRIS x Luigi's Mansion 3 Event 2019 Nintendo Switch
Luigi's Mansion 3 Main antagonist, final boss 2019 Nintendo Switch


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キングテレサ
Kingu Teresa
King Boo
Chinese (Simplified) 嘘嘘鬼王
Xūxūguǐ Wáng
害羞幽灵王 (since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)
Hàixiūyōulíng Wáng
King Boo
Chinese (Traditional) 害羞幽靈王
Hàixiūyōulíng Wáng
King Boo
Dutch King Boo
Koning Schrik (New Super Luigi U)
King Fright
French Roi Boo King Boo
German König Buu Huu
König Boo (Mario Kart DS)
King Boo
Italian Re Boo King Boo
Korean 킹부끄
King Bukkeu
King Boo; bukkeu comes from 부끄부끄 (bukkeubukkeu), Boo's Korean name
Portuguese Rei Bu King Boo
Russian Бу-король
Король привидений (Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon official website)
Korol' privideniy
King Boo
Spanish (Americas) Rey Boo (recent games)
Rey Bú
King Boo (Mario Kart Wii)
King Boo
Spanish (Europe) Rey Boo King Boo

King Boo (Luigi's Mansion)

Language Name Meaning
French Roi Boo (Luigi's Mansion) King Boo (Luigi's Mansion)
German König Buu Huu (Luigi's Mansion) King Boo (Luigi's Mansion)
Italian Re Boo (Luigi's Mansion) King Boo (Luigi's Mansion)
Portuguese Rei Bu (Luigi's Mansion) King Boo (Luigi's Mansion)
Spanish Rey Boo (Luigi's Mansion) King Boo (Luigi's Mansion)



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