Super Dry Bowser

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Super Dry Bowser
Applies to Dry Bowser
Item needed Magic
Power(s) given Increased size
First appearance New Super Mario Bros. 2 (2012)

Super Dry Bowser (or Big Dry Bowser) is the hidden boss of New Super Mario Bros. 2 he is fought in World Star. His fight is very similar to the Super Bowser boss fight but is tougher and Super Dry Bowser is more aggressive.


New Super Mario Bros. 2

Dry Bowser during his battle.

Super Dry Bowser is fought in World StarWorld Star-Castle. After being knocked into the lava by Mario (or Luigi), he is enlarged by the Koopalings once Mario (or Luigi) reaches the platform above. He knocks away the Koopalings and lets out an angry roar. Super Dry Bowser is very similar to standard Super Bowser but his attacks are more precise, he is more agressive with his fire attacks, and the statues shoot homing fireballs. Not to mention that the platforms are smaller. At the end of the climb, there is a ! Switch which must be activated to defeat Super Dry Bowser.