Super Bowser

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This article is about Bowser's giant transformation after being enlarged by magic. For information about other uses, see here.
Super Bowser
Applies to Bowser
Item needed Magic
Power(s) given Increased size
First appearance New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009)
Latest appearance New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (2019)

Super Bowser is a form Bowser takes on after being enlarged by magic in the New Super Mario Bros. games. For the most part, he behaves the same but is much larger, breathes much larger fireballs, can destroy dense rocks or platforms, and overall is far more powerful. He is always the final boss of each game.


New Super Mario Bros. Wii

At the end of World 8-Bowser's Castle in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Mario encounters Bowser on a bridge. Mario gets past Bowser and hits a ! Switch that destroys the bridge, sending Bowser plummeting into the lava below. Mario then turns his attention to what appears to be Princess Peach in a cage above. The "princess", however, reveals "herself" to be Kamek in disguise. Kamek proceeds to spread magic dust into the lava, which begins to rumble and boil. When nothing happens, Kamek looks quizzically at the lava, when Super Bowser bursts out of the pool, knocking Kamek away, and roars at Mario, initiating the final boss battle.

In order to defeat Super Bowser, Mario must make his way through a labyrinth, allowing Super Bowser's fireballs and claw swipes to destroy structures blocking his path. Some ? Blocks, Coins and Goombas appear in this section. Eventually, Mario will reach a new section composed of floating platform. A Propeller Mushroom may be collected at the beginning of the section. Bowser will use a new attack here, pounding the lava to send waves at Mario. Mario will soon reach another, larger switch, which sits below the real Princess Peach's cage. Hitting the switch will destroy the floor and cause Super Bowser to fall, thus defeating him and completing the game.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Bowser in the final boss fight of New Super Mario Bros. 2.
Dry Bowser in World StarWorld Star-Castle.

At the end of World 6-Bowser Castle in New Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario meets Bowser and defeats him in much the same manner as the previous game. After Bowser's defeat, Princess Peach's cage, situated above the switch that destroys Bowser's bridge, is pulled up higher into the castle by its chain. Mario follows via floating platforms and encounters the Koopalings, who use their wands to enlarge Bowser in much the same manner as Kamek, even being knocked away when Super Bowser appears.

In this battle, Super Bowser attacks Mario from the background. Mario must make his way upward using floating platforms, which are initially moving upward, but then fall when he touches them. Super Bowser will destroy platforms with claw swipes. Mario must continue moving upward while dodging the swipes.

At two intervals, Mario will come to a floor where he must dodge streams of fire from Super Bowser until more platforms appear. Later in the battle, statues of Bowser's head will breathe fireballs to hinder Mario. Purple fireballs will home in on Mario. Eventually, Mario will reach a final floor where Princess Peach is found suspended over a switch that will defeat Super Bowser in the same way as the previous game.

Dry Bowser's (Super Dry Bowser's) boss fight in World StarWorld Star-Castle works the exact same way, except his fireballs are blue and is much faster than Bowser.

New Super Mario Bros. U / New Super Luigi U / New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Super Bowser appears once again as the final boss in New Super Mario Bros. U. After Bowser is defeated in the final level, Mario runs outside the castle and Bowser Jr. flies in with the Junior Clown Car, carrying an unconscious Kamek. Bowser Jr. wakes Kamek and the two have a brief argument, ending with Kamek being convinced to enlarge Bowser again.

Outside, Mario spots Princess Peach trapped in a tower room. She waves to him, but a door with Bowser Jr.'s emblem slams in her face. Bowser Jr. then appears to taunt Mario before Super Bowser leaps up and roars. During the battle, Super Bowser will breathe fireballs, which take three hits from ice balls to destroy, stomp his foot to crush Mario, and jump. Bowser Jr. fights alongside him in the Clown Car, throwing Bob-ombs and ground pounding.

To defeat Super Bowser, Mario must stomp Bowser Jr. and steal the Junior Clown Car. He must then fly directly above Super Bowser by rapidly tapping the jump button and ground pounding on his head by spinning. While Mario is in the air, Bowser will attack by breathing up to five fireballs at a time, as well as streams of fire and claw swipes. Being hit will knock Mario out of the Clown Car, but not deal damage. After each hit, Bowser will curl into his shell and spin around the battlefield, making frequent jumps. After the shell spin, Bowser will breathe lava into the air to send fireballs raining down. Mario can also attack him by jumping on Bowser Jr. when he is running back to Clown Car to lob his shell at Super Bowser, hurling fireballs, or throwing Bowser Jr.'s Bob-ombs at him.

After three hits from the Clown Car, 180 fireballs, or 90 hits from Bowser Jr. and/or Bob-ombs, Super Bowser becomes dazed and lets out one last angry roar before going unconscious and falling off the battlefield. Bowser Jr. follows.