Bowser-Ball 'n' Chain

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Bowser-Ball 'n' Chain

Princess Peach in between a big and a small Bowser-Ball 'n' Chain
General information
Species origin Ball 'n' Chain
Characteristics Spiked balls that look like Bowser's shell curled up
First appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)

Bowser-Ball 'n' Chains are a type of Ball 'n' Chain found in Super Princess Peach. They look like a Ball 'n' Chain but resemble Bowser's Shell. They behave very similarly to a standard Ball 'n' Chain but they swing back and forth. They are found in several levels of Bowser's Villa. Peach can slip by a Bowser-Ball 'n' Chain when it's in the background but when in the foreground, she should wait until it sways back. If hit, Peach will take damage. Bowser-Ball 'n' Chains are invincible and cannot be destroyed. Peach can only time her movements and avoid them altogether.