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Two Electrogoombas.
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All Stars (2020)
Species origin Goomba
Notable members
King Kaliente
Prince Pikante
An Electrogoomba Figurine

An Electrogoomba (referred to as a Cosmic Blooper in the beta) is an enemy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is an alien, amphibious Goomba. They are seen in various parts of the game and headbutt Mario when he approaches. They can easily be squashed. When jumped on, a Coin is always left by them. When a Star Spin is used to defeat them, they leave three star bits.


Electrogoombas are odd-looking Goombas. They have smooth skin with a blue head and yellow spots all over their bodies. They have a round mouth, like a Snifit, and attack with a headbutt. Unlike regular Goombas, Electrogoombas only patrol a very small set area. They also have yellow glowing eyes and a small antenna on the top of their head.

Super Mario Galaxy Trading Card Description

The trading card.

This class of Goomba, the long time Mario enemy, is adapted for space. These alien Goombas are found in many areas of the game and attack Mario by trying to headbutt him when he comes near. They can easily be destroyed by jumping on their heads. Electrogoombas are amphibious and have brown, red, and blue subspecies.


  • Electrogoombas resemble both Octoroks and Deku Scrubs from many Legend of Zelda games.
  • In later games, Electrogoombas appear to be replaced with Octoombas. Octoombas resemble Electrogoombas but are slightly plumper and spit rocks.
  • Despite their name, Electrogoombas don't use electricity at all.