Flaming Chomp

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This article is about the Incoming Chomp sub-species. You might be looking for Fire Chomp, which is also called Flame Chomp.
A Flaming Chomp in Seesaw Scramble

Flaming Chomps are a sub-species of Chomps that appear in Yoshi's New Island.

Flaming Chomps appear in most volcano-themed levels in the game, attacking by flying out of a volcano and falling down at a high speed while being engulfed in flames. Flaming Chomps are invincible to any attack and usually come downwards in set patterns. The spot where they land on is indicated by a harmless wall of flame that appears below them. If a Yoshi touches one, then he will lose a life. Flaming Chomps appear in the levels Seesaw Scramble, Chomp Shark Chase, and Chomp Rock Challenge. Unlike the Incoming Chomps from Yoshi's Island, they never attack solid ground and can only destroy breakable blocks, and not any other kind of platform which is ironic since they're supposed to be stronger than the Incoming Chomp.