Goal Gate

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This article is about the goal gate in Super Princess Peach. For information about the goal gate in Super Mario World, see here.
Not to be confused with GOAL! Ring.
The goal gate at the end of Ladida Plains 1-1 with the pause on a Mushroom.

The Goal Gate in Super Princess Peach is a stage event seen at the end of all levels in the game, aside from the boss stages. The Goal contains a roulette, which cycles between a Mushroom, Star, Vegetable, and a Flower. Coins will be rewarded depending on which one the roulette stops on when Peach jumps at the roulette, which effectively completes the current level as well. Landing on a Vegetable will reward you with 1 coin, a Mushroom will reward 10 coins, a Flower will reward 30 coins, and a Star will reward 50 coins. If you land on the Star seven times consecutively, a peach will show instead, and you will earn a whooping 777 coins. Not bad huh?

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴールゲート
Gōru Gēto
Goal Gate