Vibe Scepter

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The Vibe Scepter in Bowser's malicious hands.

The Vibe Scepter is a wand found in Super Princess Peach. A very important item, it is certainly the cause the Mushroom Kingdom's trouble in Super Princess Peach.

Its legend begins when Bowser, stationed at his summer villa on Vibe Island, discovers its mystic power and ability to drive people's emotions to an insane point. He sends out Army Hammer Bro. (with some of his team) to find the ominous wand. Unfortunately for Mario, who was Bowser's main victim in this escapade, Army Hammer Bro came back from his conquest successfully. The Koopa Troop then decided to trust a Goomba, who used to live in the Mushroom Kingdom, with the responsibility of storming the castle. The Goomba made it in successfully and wreaked havoc as he was told to, letting Bowser's Hammer Bros. successfully kidnap Mario, Luigi, and several Toads.

Bowser was delighted when Army Hammer Bro came back with good news, but the Goomba who did the work was acting odd (or so said Army Hammer Bro). This Goomba, affected by the Joy vibe, foolishly swung the Scepter around, humorously (temporarily) causing the same havoc in Bowser's Villa that he did in Peach's Castle.

Back at the castle, Toadsworth, Peach and a Toad (possibly the individual Toad) had just returned from a walk to find the castle in chaos. During a recap of what had been going on, Princess Peach made the fateful decision of finding the Mario Bros. herself. Toadsworth (leaving the job of keeping things in the castle running smoothly to Toad) then chased after her, eventually agreeing with her decision and arming her with Perry.

During the first part of her battle with the Koopa King, he used it to power himself up with several different Vibes. After Bowser was defeated for good, it is unknown what happened to the Vibe Scepter after the game, although the ending sequence seems to suggest that it somehow ended up in the player's own home.


  • It is widely assumed that some enemies in the game are under the effect of the Vibe Scepter however this has been proven false as Peach seems to have her own Vibes too. Probably the reason for this is due to the magic on the Island that gives people vibes from time to time like Peach who can control her's. The effects of the Vibe Scepter in Bowser's Villa also seemed to be temporary unlike the enemies in-game who appear to be naturally like that from Vibe Island's magic.