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Several Bonefins from Super Mario Galaxy
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All Stars (2020)
Notable members

Bonefins are undead Fish that appear in Super Mario Galaxy. They are a robotic skeletal fish enemy that attack by charging at Mario (or Luigi). They are minions of the colossal Kingfin and they reside at the Bonefin Galaxy and live below the Galaxy's only planet with their leader.


Super Mario Galaxy

In Super Mario Galaxy, Bonefins only appear in the Bonefin Galaxy during Mario's boss battle with Kingfin. They have glowing red eyes, and attack in a way that's very similar to Torpedo Teds; by homing in on Mario and striking him to cause damage. They can be destroyed when touching the surface, like the real-world fishes. After the player has used a Green Shell or a Red Shell to dole out some damage to Kingfin, the skeletal shark summons the voracious fish to aid him in attacking Mario. When the player has hit Kingfin two more times, he will summon a lot more Bonefins, which attack the player until the end of the battle, after which they disappear.


  • Bonefins are among the few enemies from Super Mario Galaxy to not return in it's sequel.