Bat (Super Mario Galaxy)

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First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Latest appearance The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)
Variant of Swooper
Ice Bat
Two bats attacking Luigi in the Slimy Spring Galaxy

A Bat is an enemy from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They resemble reddish brown (or sometimes brown) bats with pig-like noses and bulging, glowing eyes with faint rings on them.

Initially, bats are found either hanging from the ceiling or flying around aimlessly. When Mario approaches, they fly in close to him, before attempting to swoop him. If they succeed, they will laugh at him. They can be defeated with a spin or stomp, and will release either three Star Bits or one Coin, respectively, depending of which way they are defeated. They can be found in many dark places, with the first being the cave in the Beach Bowl Galaxy. They are also found flying around the arm of Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser. They can also be found in the Slimy Spring Galaxy. In Super Mario Galaxy, Bats are reddish brown and in Super Mario Galaxy 2, they are completely brown.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Basa Basa Swooper

Variation on the English word "bat"
German Flappflapp Flutterflutter (same German name as Swooper)
Italian Pippy From pipistrello, Italian name of bats.
Spanish Vampílago From murciélago vampiro, Spanish name of the vampire bat


  • The internal filename for the game refers to the Bat as a Swooper despite the fact that Swoopers look very different. Likely the case was that Swoopers were originally going to appear in the game but were replaced with Bats and the internal filename was assigned to them instead.
  • Bats resemble Keese from the Legend of Zelda series, particularly a cartoonish version of their Twilight Princess looks. The two games were in development at overlapping times, so this may've be intentional.
  • Bats resemble Buckies from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. They also have Ice counterparts like Buckies do.
  • The Bat's appearance in The Super Mario Bros. Movie ironically enough contradicts the implication that they were a species native to space. However, the film is not canon to the mainline Mario continuity (due to the amount of other continuity errors and mistakes that it made).