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A Coin Block from Super Paper Mario.
“When you hit this block... You'll bash out a specific number of coins!”
MC Ballyhoo, Mario Party 8

A Coin Block , also called a 10-Coin Block is a block that the player can hit multiple times, giving out one coin per hit. Coin Blocks can resemble either Brick Blocks or ? Blocks.


Super Mario series

Coin blocks have appeared in nearly every Super Mario game, debuting in Super Mario Bros. For blocks that contain multiple coins, in most games, there is a time limit for how long it will continue to give the player coins instead of actually having a set number of coins. If the player strikes a coin block fast enough, they can get 8 coins, usually the most coins a player can get from a coin block; however, quite a few games make it possible to obtain more. Super Mario Bros. Deluxe's Challenge Mode has some Coin Blocks release Red Coins when struck fast enough. In New Super Mario Bros., striking a Coin Block enough times (at least 11) will produce a Super Mushroom. In New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U if the player hits a Coin Block enough times, five Coins will fly out before the Coin Block turns into a Block.

The ? Block-style Coin Blocks appear in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

A rectangular Block from Super Mario 3D Land.

Both ? Block and Brick Block-style Coin Blocks appear in Super Mario 3D Land. Also appearing are rectangular blocks. Usually Mario gets three coins from these; but on rare occasion, Mario may find a rectangular coin block, he can hit these multiple times, allowing Mario to get three times more coins then an average coin block would give him. Flying Coin Blocks, flying question blocks that give multiple coins, appear as well. Super Mario 3D Land also has coin blocks that shoot coins onto the ground.

Super Mario 3D Land also features coin blocks that Mario can wear over his body, called Question Boxes. These allow Mario to collect infinite coins when walking while wearing it. Like the Propeller Box, the block is lost once the player finishes the level or is injured, but is rewarded with an extra life if brought to the Flagpole.

Mario wearing a Gold Block from New Super Mario Bros. 2.

In New Super Mario Bros. 2, when a normal Coin Block is hit at least 10 times fast enough, it turns into a Gold Block that Mario or Luigi can wear, producing coins for the duration that it remains on the character's head.

Paper Mario series

Paper Mario

Coin Blocks appear in Paper Mario, where they give Mario many coins if the block is hit fast enough.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Coin Blocks in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door have the same appearance as they do in Paper Mario.

Super Paper Mario

A Coin Block in Super Paper Mario.

In Super Paper Mario, if Mario Flips into 3D, he can see an image of a coin on the side of a coin block. Their Tattle reads: "That's a coin block. Every time you hit it, a coin will come out..."

Mario & Wario

Both Coin Blocks from Mario & Wario. The left side contains coins while the right side contains nothing.

Coin Blocks were redesigned as one of the square panel-type objects found in Mario & Wario. If Wanda uses her wand on it, the player will get a certain amount of coins. Wanda can keep using the wand on the Coin Block until there are no coins remaining. There are usually ten coins in each Coin Block, although like other appearances it will stop the player from collecting any more from it if left alone after the first hit.

Mario Party DS

In Mario Party DS, if any character lands on a Space with a Coin Block, a block will appear, and the character will have to hit the block to see how many coins can come out of it in five or ten seconds.

Other Appearances

In the 2006 version of Nintendo Monopoly, Coin Block spaces and cards replace the traditional Community Chest ones. In the 2010 version, Brick Blocks are used instead.

On the Wii Shop Channel, the loading screen for downloading any title is Mario or Luigi hitting Coin Blocks and collecting Coins, sometimes in their Fire forms.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コインブロック Coin Block