Trophy Tussle

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A Trophy Tussle is an event match from Super Smash Bros. Melee in which there are four characters who all battle on top of a giant trophy in each of the three different stages. The stages are made to match the trophy that the players are all battling for and the winner of the battle on that trophy gets a miniature version of the trophy. There is a total of three different trophy tussles on three different stages.

Trophy Tussles

Trophy Tussle 1


The first trophy tussle is on a stage shaped as a Goomba. The battle is three minutes long, there are four characters (one player and three CPUs), and the player must be the only character still on the trophy at the end of the Trophy Tussle. Each character has a total of two lives in which to battle the other characters with. The CPU's will attack each other but usually try to team up and eliminate the player first while fighting each other. The winner of this trophy tussle gets a Goomba trophy.

Trophy Tussle 2


The second trophy tussle takes place on a stage that appears to be a giant Entei which three CPUs and one player must battle on for three whole minutes until either every player except one loses each of their two lives or the time runs out. The Entei stage is a basic stage where players can fight on Entei's back or jump onto its head and fire down projectiles at the other players on its back. At the end of the match, the last character standing will get an Entei trophy for their troubles in winning the match.

Trophy Tussle 3


The third and final trophy tussle is on a stage that resembles Majora's Mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. On this stage it is a free-for-all, three minute, battle to see who is the last man standing. The stage is relatively big with two horns on the sides which prevent the players from falling off and a downward slant towards the middle of the stage from both sides. The only player alive at the end of the match will win the trophy tussle and get a Majora's Mask trophy for winning. On a side note, the hidden characters may appear as opponents in this event.