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Not to be confused with Monty Mole or Rocky Wrench.

Model of a Monty from Super Mario Galaxy.
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
Similar entities
Monty Mole
Rocky Wrench

Montys[1] are enemies featured in the galaxies Battlerock Galaxy, Gusty Garden Galaxy, and Dreadnought Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. They are large brown moles that wear blue and striped bandanas, as well as being the main derivative for the Undergrunt species.

Montys attack by throwing wrenches at Mario or Luigi when either playable character is nearby. Montys retreat into their bunker if the player approaches them, re-emerging as the player moves away. When a Monty is at the surface, the player can either shoot a Star Bit at it or perform a Ground Pound nearby to knock the Monty over, making it susceptible to any attack, such as stomping or spinning.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モグ[2]
Abbreviation of「モグラ」(mogura, mole)
Italian Monty[3]
Same as Undergrunt


  • The internal file name for the wrenches that Montys throw is labeled "MoguStone," suggesting that they may have originally been intended to throw rocks instead of wrenches. This behavior is strikingly similar to how Monty Moles attack in Super Mario 64, though wether this is intentional or not remains unknown.
  • The Monty's attack patterns are incredibly similar to that of the Rocky Wrench (another mole enemy found throughout the Mario franchise), as well as their English name sounding very similar to that of Monty Mole's name (with Monty Moles having been simply referred to as just Monty on a few other occasions as well). Despite this, Montys are a part of the Undergrunt species and not the Monty Mole species, as there is no confirmation on Monty being related to the Monty Mole species.


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