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A Snailicorn.
First appearance New Super Mario Bros. (2006)

Snailicorns are large snail-like creatures that have the characteristics of a unicorn, such as a large horn, hence the name, which is a portmanteau of snail and unicorn. They appear only in New Super Mario Bros. and are never seen outside of ice stages. They can be very dangerous, as a mere jump is not enough to defeat them, and fireballs are ineffective. They can be annoying, as they are quite large in both height and girth, and are usually found near cliff edges, and under low ceilings, so there's not much leg room for the plumbers. They are not, however, indefeasible as jumping on them sends them back a few feet, this tactic can be used to send them off of a cliff nearby, though they'll reappear if Mario leaves the area and comes back. Also, a full-speed Shell Mario or a stray shell will knock them out. Jumping on them at the last minute is a quick and easy strategy.

They always charge in a straight line, but change direction at edges, similar to Red Koopa Troopas. They only appear in World 5-3 and World 5-B.


  • These creatures behave similar to Bullies.
  • Snailicorn's attack pattern is reminiscent of the Cleft species in the Paper Mario series.
  • No matter what path in World 5 is taken, the Snailicorn will always be encountered (as they appear in levels 5-3 and 5-B) a similar factor also applies to the Broozer.