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This article is about the species that first appeared in Super Mario 64. For information about other uses of the name Bully, see here.

A Bully attacking Mario in Lethal Lava Land.
First appearance Super Mario 64 (1996)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All Stars (2020)
Notable members
Big Bully
Chief Chilly
Chill Bully
A Singular Bully.

Bullies are Bob-omb-like creatures that lived in Lethal Lava Land during the events of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. A Bully resembles a black sphere with green feet, angry eyes and two bright yellow devilish horns. Bullies usually reside on Platforms and rarely in groups, to serve as a potential threat to Mario. To attack, Bullies heave themselves into their enemies in order to push them over ledges, knocking their enemies into lava or bottomless pits. The only way to beat a Bully is to push it into the lava. After being melted, a Coin will be tossed up to the platform thay the creature was pushed off from. In the remake, Yoshi, if used, must stomp them to push them back or use a cap as his tongue cannot push the Bullies. They are supposedly minions of the colossal Big Bully or the bigger Chief Chilly. Bullies attack in a similar manner as the Micro Goomba in the same game. They also appear in Bowser in the Fire Sea, the second Bowser boss level. In later games, they seem to have been replaced by Topmen.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どんけつ
French Voyou Bully
Italian Bronco Similar to the Spanish name.
Korean 으샤
Spanish Bronco Bronco is such a person: genius and harsh treatment. Is also a glassy, brittle, slightly flexible and without elasticity kind of metal.


  • Bullies were originally going to be in Super Mario Galaxy, but were taken out.
  • Their name is a combination of bully, referring to their aggressive behavior, and bull, referring to their horns and charging attack pattern.
  • In the 2000's (due to the name Bully sounding generic to some), Bully's were nicknamed Li'l Pompeiis by fans due to the area they're found in (Lethal Lava Land) being surrounded by lava. A nod to the real life city Pompeii.