Adventure Mode

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Adventure Mode is the second single-player mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It consists of twelve stages, ten of which are derived from several Nintendo franchises within the game.

Stage 1: Mushroom Kingdom

Part 1: Mushroom Kingdom Sidescroller

Adventure Mode kicks off with what would resemble a generic level from a Mario sidescroller. There are Brick Blocks to climb on, and classic foes Goombas, Koopa Troopa, and Paratroopas to avoid. Towards the end of the level, the player will fight 10 Yoshis (strangely, a Toad can be seen frantically running around in the background of this battle. Once the Yoshis are defeated, the player crosses a Warp Pipe to the goal.

Part 2: Battle with Mario or Luigi and Princess Peach

The player then fights Princess Peach and a Mario Bro. Normally Mario fights alongside the princess, but if the player finished the sidescroller level with the seconds digit ending in 2 (for example, 04:52, or 01:12), a cutscene shows Luigi replacing the older brother. The fight takes place on Princess Peach's Castle.

Stage 2: Kongo Jungle

Part 1: Battle with 2 Tiny Donkey Kongs

The first objective is to fight two tiny Donkey Kongs. Their size makes them easy to send flying, though sometimes hard to hit.

Part 2: Battle with Giant Donkey Kong

The player then engages in battle with another Donkey Kong, this time a giant one, in Jungle Japes. He is rather easy to fight, as Klaptraps usually pull him into the river.

Stage 3: Underground Maze

Part 1: Underground Maze Triforce Search

The player must next find the Triforce in a long maze. There are six different podiums where the Triforce may or may not be located; if the player heads to the wrong one, they will engage in battle with one of five Links (the battle can't be left until he is defeated, because the rest of the maze will suddenly disappear when he arrives). Also along the way are ReDeads, Octorocks, and the very antagonizing Like Likes.

Part 2: Battle with Zelda

The player then fights Zelda in Hyrule Temple. Besides being able to transform into Sheik, Zelda has no gimmick, and has no partner to help her, so the battle is somewhat simple.

Stage 4: Brinstar

Part 1: Battle with Samus Aran

The player meets Samus Aran in Brinstar, and a brief battle takes place.

Part 2: Escape

After Samus's defeat, a siren will go off, indicating that Zebes is collapsing and will soon implode. The player has to make their way through a brief obstacle course going upwards until they reach an escape pod. If they don't finish it in time, they will simply go on, but lose a life.

Stage 5: Green Greens

Part 1: Battle with Kirby

The first object is to defeat a solitary Kirby in Green Greens.

Part 2: Battle with 18 Copied-Kirbies

The player fights several Kirbies in Green Greens, all who have permanent copied abilities. They seem to have very high damage ratios, and each can easily be defeated in one hit.

Part 3 (Optional): Battle with Giant Kirby

If the player finishes off all of the Kirbies within 30 seconds, a Giant Kirby will fall from the sky. The player must battle this giant, and is harder to send flying.

Stage 6: Corneria

Part 1: Battle with Fox McCloud

The player first fights Fox McCloud in Corneria. The Arwings do not appear in this battle.

Part 2: Battle with Fox McCloud or Falco Lombardi

A short cutscene ensues, parodying a discussion between the Star Fox members in a Star Fox game. If Fox is in the conversation, Falco Lombardi will be fought. If Falco appears to talk, Fox is fought once more. This time, the Arwings do make an appearance.

Stage 7: Pokémon Stadium

The entire stage revolves around the player fighting twelve Pokémon at Pokémon Stadium. The entire team consists of Pikachu; however, when Jigglypuff and Pichu are unlocked, they will sometimes replace some of the Pikachu. Pokéballs are the only item that appear.

Stage 8: F-Zero Grand Prix

Part 1: F-Zero Grand Prix Sidescroller

The player begins by dashing across the Big Blue. While this may seem simple, the F-Zero racers will zip through, dealing severe damage to the player. Luckily, they can jump atop platforms above the course to avoid the hovercraft. The player must go on until they reach the finish line.

Part 2: Battle with Captain Falcon

The player will then find themselves in Mute City, battling Captain Falcon.

Stage 9: Onett

The player will fight three differently colored Nesses in Onett, and the only items are Mr. Saturns.

Stage 10: Icicle Mountain

The player must climb up the scrolling Icicle Mountain, avoiding the Topis and Polar Bears along the way. There are also Freezies, which the player may want to grab for the upcoming battle against two Ice Climber teams - that equals four opponents in total.

Stage 11: Battlefield

Part 1: Battle with 20 Fighting Wire Frames

The player fights the Fighting Wire Frames here - both male and female - and the gravity seems to be reduced, allowing the player to jump higher. There are 20 Wire Frames, and five appear at a time.

Part 2: Battle with Metal Mario (sometimes with Metal Luigi)

The player will soon find that Metal Mario will fall from the sky to challenge the player; if Luigi has been unlocked, Metal Luigi appears as well.

Stage 12: Final Destination

Part 1: Battle with Giant Bowser

The final boss is Bowser, who has been somewhat enlarged. The battle takes place on the Final Destination, leaving flat terrain and no distractions.

Part 2: Battle with Giga Bowser (Optional)

If the player finishes Adventure Mode (including the battle against Giant Bowser) in under 18 minutes, on Normal difficulty or harder, Bowser's fallen trophy will then reappear on the Final Destination and break into bits, revealing the monstrous Giga Bowser. This boss is twice as large and twice as powerful as the ordinary Bowser, and is much more difficult to defeat.


Several unlockables appear from completing Adventure Mode alone. They include:

  • Jigglypuff, unlocked by completing Adventure Mode with any character besides Mario.
  • Luigi, unlocked by fighting and beating him in Stage 1.
  • Marth, unlocked by completing Adventure Mode with all 14 default characters (Mario, DK, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Ness, Captain Falcon, Bowser, Peach, Ice Climbers, and Zelda/Shiek).
  • Mr. Game & Watch, unlocked by finishing Adventure Mode with every other character.
  • Dr. Mario, unlocked by completing Adventure Mode with Mario.
  • Young Link, unlocked by completing Adventure Mode with 10 characters, two of whom must be Link and Zelda.
  • Pichu, unlocked by finishing Adventure Mode with Mewtwo.
  • Roy, unlocked by completing Adventure Mode with Marth.
    • It should be noted that all of the above characters (excluding Luigi and Pichu) can also be unlocked by completing their requirements in Classic Mode.
  • The F-Zero Racers Trophy, received by completing Adventure Mode at least once with all 25 characters.
  • The Giga Bowser Trophy, received by defeating the tyrannical Giga Bowser.
  • The Crazy Hand Trophy, received by completing Adventure Mode on Hard or Very Hard difficulty.