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A Bubba from Super Mario 64.
First appearance Super Mario 64 (1996)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All Stars (2020)
Species origin Cheep-Cheep

Bubbas are big pink or orange fish (usually wearing sunglasses) that will eat Mario if he gets too near them after a while. They look and act very similar to Boss Bass from Super Mario Bros. 3. Bubba appears to be a species of Blurp. Related to them is the small Bub fish.


Super Mario 64

Two Bubbas appear in Tiny-Huge Island and they cannot be defeated similar to most aquatic enemies in Super Mario 64. If Mario is eaten, he will lose a life, regardless of his current health. In Super Mario 64 DS, they are replaced by Big Berthas.

Mario Party

Bubba from Mario Party.

Additionally, stepping on a Happening Space on Yoshi's Tropical Island, a gameboard in Mario Party, Bubba would eat Toad, switching Toad's and Bowser's position. Bubba lacks its trademark shades in this game, which makes it look more like Bub.

Mario Golf

A Bubba from Mario Golf.

In Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64, either a Bubba or Blurp will eat the ball if it lands in the water. They are also much smaller in this game.


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