Unagi the Eel

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This article is about the eel enemy known as Unagi from Super Mario 64 and its remake. For information about the enemy from New Super Mario Bros. and other games, see Unagi.
Unagi the Eel

Unagi the Eel seen in Super Mario 64 DS.
Full name Unagi the Eel
Species Unagi
First appearance Super Mario 64 (1996)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All Stars (2020)

Unagi the Eel is a large Unagi found in Super Mario 64 and its remake Super Mario 64 DS. Mario or his friends can lure him out of his sunken ship home in Jolly Roger Bay by swimming near and provoking him to attack. After about three attempted bites, he will leave the ship, allowing Mario and his friends to enter it via the ship's window. Once inside if Mario opens the chests in the correct order, the ship will surface, causing the water inside the ship to drain. Mario can now get the Power Star.

Unagi the Eel is seen again later, this time making a water cove his home. Again Mario and friends can lure him out in the same fashion as before. The water cove is not accessible but there is a Power Star attached to the eel's tail. To gain it Mario and friends must simply touch it.

In later missions, Unagi the Eel circles the previous location of the sunken ship.

Unagi the Eel makes a brief appearance in Mario Party 4 towards the end of the minigame Manta Rings. Any character who collides into him loses three points.



  • The name "Unagi" comes from the Japanese name for freshwater eel, 鰻 (unagi).
    • Since "unagi" means "eel" in Japanese, this means Unagi's name literally means "Eel the eel".