Rec Room (Super Mario 64 DS)

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Toad in the Rec Room.
Yoshi in the Rec Room.

The Rec Room is a special area found inside Princess Peach's Castle in Super Mario 64 DS. This room, located in the second floor to the right wing, features a drawer of colored boxes, every one containing a minigame that the heroes, Mario, Yoshi, Luigi and Wario unlock as they catch the Rabbits running around the castle, holding the keys that open the drawer's boxes. A Toad looks after the room and hosts the minigames whenever the player wants to play in the Rec Room. The room contains other things like a piano, some Koopa Shells, Blocks, Bob-omb toys and Stars around, and a Mushroom-styled table near the entrance of the room. There is also the painting of the course Sunshine Isles, and in the back of the Rec Room is the door to Peach's Bedroom, which contains the entrance to the Goomboss Battle. The soundtrack that plays in the Rec Room is the Grass Land map theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.


  • In the Korean version of Super Mario 64 DS, the Rec Room is removed, but is later added to New Super Mario Bros.