Tall, Tall Mountain

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Tall, Tall Mountain
Unlocked by Defeating Bowser in the Fire Sea
Boss(es) None
Mission(s) Super Mario 64
Scale the Mountain
Mystery of the Monkey Cage
Scary ‘Shrooms, Red Coins
Mysterious Mountainside
Breathtaking View from Bridge
Blast to the Lonely Mushroom

Super Mario 64 DS
Scale the Mountain
Mystery of the Monkey Cage
Scary ‘Shrooms, Red Coins
Mysterious Mountainside
Breathtaking View from Bridge
Blast to the Lonely Mushroom
5 Secrets of the Mountain
Stars Super Mario 64:
Super Mario 64 DS:
Map of Tall, Tall Mountain in Super Mario 64 DS.

Tall, Tall Mountain is the twelfth level in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. The painting to the course is located in the foyer of the castle's second floor opposite the painting to Wet Dry World. It is the smallest painting that leads into a course. It features a high mountain with all kinds of obstacles on the way to the top. The hat stealing monkey Ukiki is featured here as well as the blowing cloud enemy named Fwoosh. The dangerous aspect of the level is that almost the entire path around the mountain is thin and near a cliff face. Like its painting, also located on the second story of the castle, Tall, Tall Mountain is surrounded by giant mushrooms, one of which has a Power Star. The top of the mountain has a flat surface and railing, and is next to a waterfall that leads to the start of the level.


The level titles and numbers correspond to Super Mario 64 unless otherwise noted.

Star 1: Scale the Mountain

Mario going up the mountain.

To get this star, Mario must climb to the top of the mountain. He will begin by going right of the small waterfall at the start of the level and go across two large gaps. If he falls through the first gap, he'll still land on a lower part of the mountain and be able to climb up the side, but the second gap leads into the abyss. Mario will then be running along the edge of the mountain with mushroom platforms on his left until he finds a fork-in-the-road around Monty Moles.

  • On the first way, Mario can go left and up the wall. Then at the top, go right and follow along the side of the mountain. At some point, he will end up near some Goombas in a small grassy area and meet up at the end of the other path of the fork.
  • On the second way, Mario will go forward and cross a few enemies. Then he'll cross a plank leading to a Ukiki that can steal his hat if he picks it up. Mario will have to move to the right and cross the log and make it roll to the next area of land (like in the Lethal Lava Land star, Red-Hot Log Rolling). Mario will then go around the perimeter of the mountain (while avoiding giant balls rolling down) and come up to the Goombas on a grassy area.

Mario will then travel around the edge of the mountain. Later, he will have to long jump across a waterfall and balance across a thin walkway. After that, Mario must simply make his way up and grab the star.

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
French Escaladez la montagne Climb the mountain

Star 2: Mystery of the Monkey Cage

Mario standing behind the monkey cage.

To acquire this star, Mario must again trek to the top of the mountain, where there will be an Ukiki named Ukeeke. Mario must catch it, and, when prompted, let him go. Mario must then follow it to a cage containing a star. The Ukiki will break the cage, and the star will fall. Mario must head back to the area where the other Ukiki is to get it.

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
French Mystère de la cage du singe Mystery of the monkey's cage

Star 3: Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins

The red coins on the mushrooms.

To get this star, Mario must find the mushroom platform area at the beginning of the stage and carefully collect all the red coins there. He must then carry on slightly further around the mountain to the area with the Monty Moles, and find the rest of the red coins there. They are scattered along the wall with rock platforms to reach them. After all the coins are collected, the star will then appear on the Star Marker across that area on a giant mushroom.

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
French Pièces rouges sur champignon Red coins on the mushroom

Star 4: Mysterious Mountainside

Map of the secret slide.
Mysterious Mountainside.PNG

To acquire this star, Mario must find the entrance to a secret slide. It is near the top of the mountain by a Fwoosh. If Mario walks up to the wall, it may move a little like a painting would. He should jump into it and get into the level.

Mario will find himself in a building with a large slide on it. This slide is noticeably more difficult than the Princess's Secret Slide and has many curves and jumps. Also, near the beginning is a fork-in-the-road, and if Mario chooses the wrong road, he will fall off the slide and die. At the end of the slide, Mario will go through a hole that will lead him to the star that is located behind a mesh on the side of the mountain.

If Mario dies from falling off the slide and returns to Tall, Tall Mountain through the painting, he would automatically end up at the start of the slide again, thus not requiring him to go all the way up the mountain from the start.

Due to a glitch in the N64 version, the player could skip the slide and get the star. Nintendo tried to prevent this in the DS version, but it is possible to use Luigi's invisibility.

Language Name Meaning
French Paroi mystérieuse Mysterious wall

Star 5: Breathtaking View from Bridge


This star is located a fair way up the mountain, behind the waterfall at the spot after the Fwoosh is found. To access it, Mario can either long jump to it, or use the switch further up the mountainside past the grassy area with Goombas on it to create some wooden platforms to the falls. Mario must quickly run before the platforms disappear and grab the star.

In the DS remake Super Mario 64 DS, the Star is under a black brick that only Wario can break. This mission was also moved to the seventh star in the DS version.

Language Name Meaning
French Panorama du mont Overview from the mountain

Star 6: Blast to the Lonely Mushroom

Mario shooting to the mushroom.

This star is situated on a large, isolated mushroom, away from the mountain. It can be accessed by 4 ways. Shortcuts involve long jumping from the top of the mountain, jumping on a Fly Guy and twirling onto the mushroom, using Hoot the Owl or the intended method, using the cannon. The cannon is under the island that can be reached by a secret portal on one of the smaller mushroom platforms. The portal will take Mario near a very thin walkway for him cross. When he gets to the end of the walkway, the cannon will be in front of him. Mario must carefully aim and grab the star in midair as he only has one shot to get the Star.

Blasting can also be completely unnecessary if the player is playing as Luigi, since he can also backflip from the top. Mario's Wing Cap can also be used to get the Star in the DS remake.

In either version, it is also possible to jump on the Fire Guy and spin to the mushroom.

This Star was moved to Star 5 in the DS remake.

Language Name Meaning
French Canon vers le champignon Cannon to the mushroom

Star 6 (DS): 5 Secrets of the Mountain

5 Secrets of the Mountain.PNG

This seventh star is unique to Super Mario 64 DS. To access it, the player has to either have Mario collect a Wing Cap at the top of the mountain or make use of Hoot the Owl who can be found in a tree at the beginning of the course. The objective is to fly through the five coin rings in the sky. The star will then appear on the summit.

Enemies Encountered

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たかいたかいマウンテン
Takai Takai Maunten
Tall, Tall Mountain
French Trop Haute Montagne Too Tall Mountain
German Fliegenpilz Fiasko Fly Agaric Fiasco
Italian Montagna Altissima (64)
Monte Gigante (DS)
Very Tall Mountain
Giant Mount
Korean 높고높은마운틴
Tall, Tall Mountain
Portuguese Montanha alta High Mountain