Chief Chilly

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Chief Chilly

Chief Chilly confronting Luigi (who is disguised as Mario) for a battle.
Full name Chief Chilly
Species Chill Bully
First appearance Super Mario 64 DS (2004)
Latest appearance Mario Kart DS (2005)
“Hmm? I see you have no mustache. Poor, bald, little creature. It's not a fair fight for you, but luckily, I'm not a fair fighter. Let's go!”
Chief Chilly, Super Mario 64 DS

Chief Chilly is a large Big Bully (or Chill Bully) made of ice. He first appears in Super Mario 64 DS, the Nintendo DS remake of Super Mario 64. Out of all the mustached bosses in the game, Chief Chilly takes great pride about his mustache. Bowser hires him, along with his other minions, to trap the heroes of the game. He is much larger than an average Bully and has a spiked mustache and a crown of ice crystals.


Super Mario 64 DS

Before Lakitu informs Yoshi of the events transpiring in Princess Peach's Castle, Chief Chilly, Goomboss, and King Boo, ambush Mario, Luigi, and Wario, (as they're approaching Big Bob-omb to obtain his Star) the latter being put under Chief Chilly's protection. However, when speaking to a challenger, he claims that he locked Wario up simply because the brute challenged the superiority of his 'stache. Luigi comes to Wario's rescue and is forced to battle the monstrosity. Despite being the weakest of the three mustached heroes, he manages to beat the boss and push Chief Chilly off of his iceberg three times, giving Luigi the key to Wario's prison. Chief Chilly disappears after the battle to restyle his mustache and to vow revenge. During his first battle, it gets tricky, as every time he is pushed in the water, he knocks off portions upon returning, making it smaller. After taking a second hit, he rocks the iceberg and, when pushed to the edge, maintains his balance for a little before going back to the middle. It is best for Luigi to smash him while he was slipping, In other cases, Mario could also defeat Chief Chilly if the player picks up a Mario cap in the level.

Mario Kart DS

Chief Chilly in Mario Kart DS.

In Mario Kart DS, Luigi must battle Chief Chilly in Level 6 of Mission Mode. Like the battle with Big Bully, Luigi must push Chief Chilly off his platform and into the water. However, Chief Chilly must be pushed off three times instead of one time and becomes stronger and trickier with every successful attack on Luigi's part. However, after he falls for the second time, he gains the ability to jump over Luigi's boost attacks. To defeat him, Luigi has to attack Chief Chilly either from the side, where the boss is unable see him, or while the Bully boss is charging at him, which knocks both of them backward. Luigi can either attack from afar or in close proximity to his frozen foe. Chief Chilly is faster, stronger, and slightly more intelligent than Big Bully in this game.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キングアイスどんけつ
Kingu Aisu Donketsu
King Ice Bully
French Givross Pun of "Givre" (Frost) and Boss
Italian Granghiaccio Great Ice
Korean 얼음으샤킹
Eoreum-Eusya King
Ice Bully King
Spanish Don Témpano Sir Iceberg


  • Although Yoshi can't face Chief Chilly in Super Mario 64 DS during normal gameplay, if the player uses a cheat code or a glitch to enter in the mirror and get into Chief Chilly Challenge, then Yoshi can face and defeat Chief Chilly (although Yoshi can't punch or perform most kicks, Ground Pounds and crouching or sliding kicks still work against him). Chief Chilly has special quotes for when facing Yoshi and when being defeated by him (see the quotes page for more info) implying that Yoshi may've originally been able to fight him. More info on this glitch can be found in the video below.
  • Chief Chilly's facial expressions looks very similar to the Millennium Star.
  • Chief Chilly slightly resembles Baron Brrr.
  • Chief Chilly's mustache resembles Waluigi's.
  • Following the "Pompeii"-naming trend with the other Bullies in the 2000's Chief Chilly was nicknamed Chief Chilly King Pompeii by fans. He was viewed as the king of the Bullies.