Chief Chilly Challenge

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Luigi in Chief Chilly Challenge.
Map of Chief Chilly Challenge.

Chief Chilly Challenge is a level in Super Mario 64 DS. Upon completing it, Luigi will earn the key to unlock Wario.

This level is set in a snow world, similar to Cool Cool Mountain or Snowman's Land. It is fairly linear. Upon reaching the end, Luigi must fight Chief Chilly. As with the other boss levels, there are two Power Stars that can be found here.

The entrance to this level is the Wario painting, which is in the mirror room on the second floor, although only Luigi can enter it. When Luigi enters the mirror room, Power Flowers will appear, which he can use to pass through to the other side of the mirror. On the other side of the mirror is the Wario painting.


Map of the battle area.

Star 1

The first Power Star requires for the player to collect eight Red Coins. However, while it is impossible to backtrack past certain points throughout the level, all the Red Coins can be obtained on the first playthrough provided the player doesn't miss any. Ultimately, this is the only boss level Star that can be obtained on the first playthrough.

Star 2

This Star requires Metal Wario to reach, and must be obtained on a return visit. Near the beginning of the level is a ! Block containing a Power Flower that Luigi (wearing Wario's Cap) can use to become Metal Wario and safely cross a windy ledge. On the other side is a black Brick Block containing the Power Star.

Enemies Encountered


  • Like other Bullies, Chief Chilly (in the 2000's) was sometimes referred to as Chief Chilly King Pompeii by fans as being the leader of all the Pompeiis/Bullies.
  • Chief Chilly Challenge is one of only three levels in Super Mario 64 DS that only one certain character can access, as only Luigi can pass through the mirror to this level. The other levels being Bowser in the Sky for Mario and The Secret Under the Moat for Wario.
  • Via a glitch in the mirror, any character is able to access the course, even Yoshi. Chief Chilly will also have his own unique dialogue for Yoshi as well possibly implying that at one stage, bosses could've been fought with any character. More information on this glitch can be found on the video below.
    • Coming into the course as any other character will also reveal that the Luigi Cap will never appear in this course even if he's unlocked. Most likely because you're meant to come into the level as Luigi. This same thing occurs in Over the Rainbows.