Chill Bully

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Chill Bully

Chill Bully in Super Mario 64 DS.
First appearance Super Mario 64 (1996)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All Stars (2020)
Species origin Bully
Notable members
Chief Chilly
Chill Bully from Super Mario 64.

Chill Bully is a Big Bully found in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. It has a light blue body and a single golden spike on the top of its head (as opposed to the usual black surface and twin horns of normal Bullies). Chill Bully appears in the 10th course, Snowman's Land. In this level, Chill Bully walks around on an ice platform above a pool of extremely cold water; touching this water has similar effects to touching lava. When Chill Bully is defeated, he releases a Power Star.

Unlike other Bullies, Chill Bully can be defeated in the DS remake by having Yoshi obtain a Power Flower and pushing it off the platform with his Fire Breath. This is most likely due to its icy nature. Metal Wario can also defeat Chill Bully with his Metal Powers much easier as well.

Notably, Chief Chilly has a similarity to Chill Bully.


Chill Bully Charging


  • There was apparently going to be a smaller Chill Bully, but it was removed in the final game.
  • In the original game, the body of Chill Bully has a similar appeareance to the planet Neptune.
  • Like the Big Bully, in the 2000's the Chill Bully was nicknamed Ice Pompeii by several fans as the name "Bully" sounded generic.