Poison Piranha Plant

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This article is about the enemy in Super Mario Odyssey. For information about the enemy in the Paper Mario series, see here.
Poison Piranha Plant
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Variant of Piranha Plant
Mega Poison Piranha Plant
Piranha Plorp
Putrid Piranha
Fire Piranha Plant
Inky Piranha Plant
Venus Fire Trap
Venus Ice Trap

Poison Piranha Plants are variants of Piranha Plants that appear in Super Mario Odyssey. They spit poison when they see Mario, which creates a puddle if it touches the ground. When Poison Piranha Plants are about to spit poison, their heads become purple.

Poison Piranha Plants are found in the Iron Road section of the Wooded Kingdom, the Metro Kingdom, and the Dark Side. If Mario throws Cappy at one, it will swallow him, stopping them from spitting poison. They can also be defeated by running into them in this state. However, knocking a rock into a Poison Piranha Plant will cause it to swallow the rock instead, allowing Mario to capture it with Cappy. When controlled by Mario, they gain his cap and his mustache, and the player is able to spit poison by pressing Y. Mega Poison Piranha Plants that spit bigger balls of poison also appear.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Poison Piranha Plants (simply called Poison Piranhas) are mentioned briefly by Viridi during Palutena's Guidance dialogue for Piranha Plant.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どくパックン
Doku Pakkun
Poison Piranha
Chinese 喷毒吞食花 (Simplified)
Pēn Dú Tūnshí Huā
噴毒食人花 (Traditional)
Pēn Dú Shí Rén Huā
Poison-Spitting Piranha Plant
Dutch Poison Piranha Plant
Poison Piranha
French Toxi Piranha Toxic Piranha
German Gift-Piranha-Pflanze Poison Piranha Plant
Italian Pianta Piranha tossica Toxic Piranha Plant
Korean 독뻐끔플라워
Dok Ppeokkeum Peullawo
Poison Piranha Plant
Russian ядовитое растение-пиранья
yadоvitoe rasteniye-piran'ya
Poisonous Piranha Plant
Spanish (Americas) piraña venenosa Poisonous Piranha
Spanish (Europe) Piraña Venenosa Poisonous Piranha