Lava Bud

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Paper Mario Enemy
Lava Bud
A Lava Bud.
Max HP 16 (has 8 HP per round)
Attack 4 (round 1 only)
Defense 0
Location(s) Mt. Lavalava

Moves Petit Piranha Blast (4), Birth (summons Petit Piranha)
Lava Buds are little flower branching out from the main stem of the Lava Piranha. They love it in the lava. Hey, if you were a fiery plant you'd love it in there, too.
  • Regular Tattle: They blow small seeds or other projectiles to attack, the small Lava Buds attack power is 4.
  • When on fire: They blow out Petit Piranhas. The Lava Bud's stems themselves won't attack you.

A Lava Bud is a juvenile Lava Piranha, a Piranha Bud. Two of them, along with a Lava Piranha, are the bosses of Chapter 5 in the Nintendo 64 game Paper Mario.

In a Lava Piranha patch, there is usually one mature stalk for every two juveniles. Lava Buds reproduce via spores; if confronted with danger, they will fire spores – Petit Piranhas – at enemies, but otherwise will just randomly spit spores. Lava Buds will not die as long as the oldest Lava Piranha in the patch is alive. Once the mature one dies, the buds lose the nutrients they were receiving from the adult and wither. Water Block can protect Mario from their attacks.

Lava Buds bear a strong resemblance to Naval Buds.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
French Copain d'lave Lava Buddy
German Lava-Knospe Lava Bud