Battle Fort

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Battle Fort
Stars Super Mario 64 DS:
Map of Battle Fort.
Luigi, on the Battle Fort.

Battle Fort is a multiplayer level and an extra level that was added exclusively to Super Mario 64 DS. Note that in the main adventure, the level was referred to as The Secret of Battle Fort. The entrance to the level is in the courtyard, underneath a Brick Block. As Yoshi cannot destroy blocks, either Mario, Luigi or Wario must enter instead. The level consists of two main floors, the bottom of which is patrolled mainly by Heave Hos and Chuckyas. On the bottom floor, there are also rolling balls that look similar to Big Steelies.


The Secret of Battle Fort

There is only one level in this area, in which the player must collect the five Silver Stars scattered around the level. The player must collect them all to earn a Power Star.

Enemies Encountered

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Korean 깜짝비밀기지
Surprising Hidden Fort