Monty Mole Swooper

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Monty Mole Swooper
General information
Variant of Monty Mole
First appearance Super Mario-kun Volume 5 (1992)

The Monty Mole Swoopers are a Monty Mole and Swooper fusion that appear in volume 5 of Super Mario-kun. The Monty Mole Swoopers look nearly identical to a regular Monty Mole, with the most major difference being that their arms being replaced with the wings of a Swooper (due to the Monty Moles fusing with the Swoopers). When the Monty Mole Swoopers eat the modified Poison Mushrooms (or if they eat the mushroom off of someone who has eaten said mushrooms like Mario), the Monty Mole Swoopers will absorb the Poison Mushroom and have the cap of the mushroom on their head. Additionally, the Monty Mole Swoopers lose the fur on their belly and the claws on their feet in the process.

The Poison Mushroom variant of the Monty Mole Swoopers after they ate it off Mushroom Mario

After Luigi kicks Mushroom Mario into the Monty Moles, the Monty Moles then call in a group of Swoopers to help aid them in their battle by fusing with them. The Monty Mole Swoopers quickly start eating the Poison Mushroom off of the Mushroom Mario, causing Mario to revert back to normal, but the Monty Mole Swoopers to have now absorbed the mushroom. The Monty Mole Swoopers then call in Butametto and Ushimetto to help them in their fight by ramming into Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. After the attack, Mario then sees a Rotating Block and hits it. Unfortunately, Mario gets disappointed that the block only contained one singular coin. However, Mario quickly realizes that the Monty Mole Swoopers hate the light that the coin emits, due to the Monty Mole Swoopers being extremely sensitive to light. After realizing the weakness of the Monty Mole Swoopers, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi would then gather several coins to use in-order to defeat the Monty Mole Swoopers. The trio would then back the Monty Mole Swoopers into a corner, causing the Monty Mole Swoopers to forfeit the fight, with them then telling Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi where the pipe to Bowser's Castle is. The trio would then thank the Monty Mole Swoopers for telling them where the pipe is. However, as Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi entered the pipe, they would then fall into a pool of lava.