Beanbean Kingdom

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Beanbean Kingdom
Greater Location Mushroom World
Capital Beanbean Castle Town
Ruler Queen Bean
Inhabitants Beanish, Hoohooligans, Oho Jee, Toads, Winkles, Yoshis
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (2003)
Latest appearance Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions (2017)
Beanbean Coat of Arms.

The Beanbean Kingdom is a major kingdom which shares its northeastern border with the Mushroom Kingdom. It was the main setting of the games Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, which are also its only two appearances. While relatively small compared to its neighbor, the Beanbean Kingdom is still expansive. The kingdom is great enough to encompass a variety of natural formations, including dry mountains and valleys, a forested area, and a large portion of the neighboring sea. Ruled by Queen Bean with the assistance of her son, Prince Peasley, and her lady at court, Lady Lima.


Like the Mushroom Kingdom, The Beanbean Kingdom's government is a monarchy, headed by Queen Bean. In addition to making decisions on a national level, the government also controls the military and presides over international relations. Based out of Beanbean Castle in Beanbean Castle Town, the government extends its influence throughout the kingdom through various political and military means.

Political Process

Political power in the kingdom is currently divided between three individuals. Queen Bean holds absolute power as queen of the kingdom. Her son, Prince Peasley, confers with his mother regarding political situation and takes part in secret missions when the need arises. Additionally, Queen Bean holds a female court. Her lady at court is Lady Lima, who largely stays by the queen's side, watching over her every need and assisting politically when needed.

The government operates from Beanbean Castle. Special meetings regarding current issues are held in Queen Bean's throne room. Discussions regarding events and possible solutions are discussed by the queen and any other relevant party present. Usually, these meetings include the queen and Lady Lima. Occasionally Prince Peasley will also be present.


A Beanbean Guard.

The government organizes and operates a group of armored soldiers, known as Beanbean Guards. Soldiers are employed as guards of government institutions and persons. During times of crisis, they may be employed for special missions. Each soldier wears a metal helmet and breastplate for protection. For battle, a soldier uses a javelin and shield.


The Beanbean Kingdom utilizes a market-based economy, much like the Mushroom Kingdom. People make a living by providing goods and/or services to others in exchange for tender, either in the form of Beanbean Coins or otherwise. This tender is then used to purchase goods and/or services from a different individual or to build up one's own ability to provide goods and/or services, creating a cyclical nature to the process.

Beanbean Coins are the official legal tender of the kingdom. These coins boast a much higher monetary value than the coins of the Mushroom Kingdom. The exact exchange rate between the two is subject to change rapidly.

Primarily, physical goods are brought to consumers through shops, such as the clothing and item shops in Beanbean Castle Town or the Little Fungitown shop. Each shopkeeper utilizes his or her own sources for obtaining items, and as a result, selection and prices vary throughout the kingdom. Most shops both buy and sell goods. Like the selling price of an item, the buying price varies from shop to shop.

The service economy is typically vaster as it includes both organizations, such as Beanbean Air, and individuals, such as the photographer who resides in the castle town's park. Tourism, one of the Beanbean Kingdom's largest draws, is included in this sector.


The Beanbean Kingdom as seen in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions.
View of the kingdom from the summit of Hoohoo Mountain.


Below are all the areas found in the Beanbean Kingdom.

Stardust Fields

Stardust Fields lies at the border between the Mushroom Kingdom and the Beanbean Kingdom. To get through the border that separates the Mushroom and Beanbean sides of Stardust Fields, one would have to do the Border Jump with the Border Bros. The population of Stardust Fields is rather small, constituting of only 5 people capable of speech. The Starshade Bros.'s headquarters lie below the fields, which are always covered by a starry night sky.

Tolstar is apparently the king of this region.

Hoohoo Mountain

Hoohoo Mountain is a large mountain on the northwest side of the Beanbean Kingdom. Long ago, the Hoohooros civilization used to be located here, and their jokes can still be seen in the sides of the mountain, written in Hoorooglyphics, a subtle pastiche of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Hoohoo mountain has various waterfalls, and the water of these descend from the water-filled crater at the mountain's summit. On the summit, there is a nest-like structure where the rare Hoohoo blocks are found. To climb the mountain, Mario and Luigi would have to climb it manually, or have Blablanadon fly them up to the top. At the mountain's foot, is Hoohoo Village, where the Hoohooligans live. The Hammerhead Bros., who used a Hoohoo block to build the Mario bros. their hammers, used to live here as well, but moved to Northeast Beanbean.

Beanbean Outskirts

Beanbean Castle Town and Beanbean Castle lie at the center of the Beanbean Kingdom's largest region; Beanbean Outskirts. North of it lie Hoohoo Mountain and Teehee Valley. South of it lie the Beanbean International Airport and Woohoo Hooniversity, To the west lies Chucklehuck Woods, and to the east lies Oho Ocean. The Beanbean Outskirts are a vast, grassy, slightly hill-covered plain, and serve as a connection between many of the various landmarks in the Beanbean Kingdom. Many enemies are seen in this area, including Parabeanies and Sharpeas, among others.

Beanbean Outskirts also seems to include various rivers, although they are likely to be canals built by the kingdom's people, and may perhaps serve as some sort of irrigation system.

Beanbean Castle and Town

The capital city of the Beanbean Kingdom, Beanbean Castle Town is also where Beanbean Castle is located, which is where the kingdom's monarch, Queen Bean, as well as her son, Prince Peasley, and other people such as Lady Lima live. The Beanstar is kept guarded in the castle, and during the events of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Cackletta devises a plan to steal the Beanstar to accomplish her evil wishes. The castle town is where most of the kingdom's Beanish people live, and the town is successful, having various shops and houses. The town and castle are surrounded by water canals. According to Fava's brother, who is considered by many to be the greatest intellectual in the town, Beanbean Castle Town was once the setting of the great Soybean Civilization, and their wondrous artifacts, the rare Beanrocks, lie buried below the town.

The town is split in two, due to the water canals, and is connected by a bridge. Two additional bridges connect the castle town with Beanbean Outskirts. Beanbean Castle Town is attacked twice during the events of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

Chucklehuck Woods

A strange forest located in southwest Beanbean, Chucklehuck Woods is where the mystical Chuckola Fruit is grown. The entrance to the woods is the old Chateau de Chucklehuck, a place famed for being where Chuckola Cola is brewed. Mario and Luigi are sent here on their mission to obtain the cure for Queen Bean's sickness, the legendary Chuckola Reserve.

At the core of the dense woods, lies an ancient structure known as the Mother Chuckalola, which is where the legendary Chuckola Reserve was being brewed for a thousand years by Bubbles, the original owner of Chateau de Chucklehuck, until it matured enough to achieve perfection. Mother Chuckola is protected by Chuckleroot, and elderly tree-like being, who believes only certain people can pass, and those who wish to, must first acquire the three rare varieties of Chuckloa Fruit.

Popple and Rookie, first met in Chateau de Chucklehuck, later sneak into the forest, and try to steal the Chuckola reserve for their own gain. However, they are stopped by Bubbles and the reserve itself, and it later battles Mario and Luigi in a new form known as the Chuckolator.

Winkles also inhabit an area located deeper in the woods.

Woohoo Hooniversity

A university focused on the studies of laughter, Woohoo Hooniversity is located in southeast Beanbean. According to Prince Peasley's investigations, Cackletta and her underlings had snuck into the university and attacked the professors as the students fled, turning the victims into Laser Snifits.

After doing some tough puzzle work, the Mario Bros. manage to activate a solar-powered door that leads to Cackletta's hiding place. It is here that she plans to use the Beanstar and Peach's voice to accomplish her dreams. After her plan fails, and after being defeated by the bros., the Beanstar is later found by Rookie and Popple in the basement. It later flees from the university as Mario, Luigi, Popple, and Rookie hold on to it, and shatters into 4 pieces.

? Block research is undertaken in the university as well.

Oho Oasis

Possibly named due to the fact it is the only large island in the middle of a deserted ocean, Oho Oasis is home to the Oho Jees, a species that speaks in slightly fragmented english, and come in two varieties, blue and red. Oho Oasis was once visited by outsiders belonging to the Oho Civilization Research Expedition, who actually happened to name the species, and made the startling discovery that red Oho Jees who were ignited on fire would turn into monsters and attack, also hypothesizing that blue Oho Jees would likely transform when exposed to electric stimuli.

Two strange temples, home to the Fire and Thunder Gods, are located in the center of the island. It is due to the Fire and Thunder Gods that Mario and Luigi learn the ancient Firebrand and Thunderhand techniques.

Teehee Valley

A desert in north Beanbean, and the only way for travelers walking on foot to reach Little Fungitown, Teehee Valley was once part of the seafloor of Oho Ocean. Over time, as the sea level slowly decreased in altitude, the seafloor became exposed. Teehee Valley contains various yellow pipes that take people to underground caverns that are often inhabited by Gritty Goombas.

Mario and Luigi are originally sent to Teehee Valley to escort Peach all the way to Little Fungitown, and are forced to battle Trunkle on their way. Later in the game, the Mario Bros. return to the desert to gather one of the four Beanstar pieces, which had landed on an old ship that once used to ship Chuckola Cola around the world, but had unfortunately sunk, and over time, the ship's crew had turned into living skeletons. After breaking a crack in the ship's wall, the old once-sunken ship is shot from the valley and into Oho Ocean, only to sink for a second time.

Little Fungitown

An immigrant Town for Toads who have immigrated from the Mushroom Kingdom. The town contains Toadstools, Houses with items, a Shop which is notable for selling Ultra Mushrooms, an Arcade, and an embassy. Little Fungitown's Arcade also sells Invincishrooms and Beans to winners. Little Fungitown is also home to Psycho Kamek who is a hypnotist. Dr. Toadley later took Psycho Kamek's place as the hypnotist.

Guffawha Ruins

The dusky ruins located below Hoohoo Mountain. The ruins house several puzzles and are home to some Elite Chuck Guys, Limbo Bros, and Oucher Glasses. It is also said to be home to a frightful monster the Guffawha Monster, rumors in Little Fungitown state that this monster is a bloodthirsty monster however he is later revealed to be the opposite. Guffawha Ruins also grows Crabbie Grass the only known cure to Bean Fever.

Gwarhar Lagoon

Gwharhar Lagoon is the beach of the Beanbean Kingdom. Here, Mario and Luigi meet the Jellyfish Sisters who teach them some useful hand techniques. The beach itself also hosts contests and parties and is usually crowded. The Beach itself is home to Jellyfish, Sidesteppers, Huckit Crabs, Ankoopas, and Hermie III.

Yoshi Theater

Yoshi Theater is a movie theater built by Boddle. It is the home of the Yoshis, the Yoshi Theather is decorated by Neon Eggs and shows several movies. One of the movies shown is Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga which shows that the game's adventure was made into a movie.

Joke's End

A very icy area in the Beanbean Kingdom requiring travelers to utilize combinations of moves to progress. It is said to be the crypt of the cruddiest jokes or jokes that have gotten boring and old. The place is ruled by Jojora who hosts Tea Parties and more.


The Beanbean Kingdom has a few species; however, the Beanish are the most common races in the kingdom. Other races are:

Also, Jellyfish live in this kingdom, but are rare. There are also a few mutated forms of familiar enemy creatures (such as Tanoombas (which are the Beanbean Kingdom equivalent of The Mushroom Kingdom's Tail Goomba)) found here, as well enemies also found in the Mushroom Kingdom (an example of this is the Blooper). Finally, the Hoohoo and Soybean civilizations may be the very oldest known inhabitants of the Beanbean Kingdom.


The currency exchange rate for the Beanbean Kingdom.

Like the Mushroom Kingdom uses Mushroom Coins as their money, the Beanbean Kingdom uses Beanbean Coins. Although Mushroom Kingdom coins can still be used in the Beanbean Kingdom, they typically are worth much less than Beanbean Coins. The exchange rate from Mushroom to Beanbean Coins changes every day.

Protectors of the Beanbean Kingdom

Enemies of the Beanbean Kingdom


  • Almost all locations and even some species of the Beanbean Kingdom are named after onomatopoeia, mainly of different laughter-themed sounds.
  • In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, at the beginning of the game during the press conference, Toadbert said "All signs point this suspect not being from this kingdom" (Fawful being the suspect), it was a possible reference to the Beanbean kingdom.
  • The Beanbean Kingdom is mentioned a couple times in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
  • The Beanbean Kingdom at one point was intended to make a return in Super Mario Odyssey but never made it to the final game.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マメーリア王国
Mamēria Ōkoku
Mamēria Kingdom; from "mame" (豆, bean).
Chinese 豆子王国
Dòuzi Wánɡɡuó
Bean Kingdom
Dutch Beanbean Rijk Beanbean Empire
French Royaume de Végésia Kingdom of Végésia; likely from végétation (vegetation).
French (American) Royaumes des bines
German Bohnenland Bean Land
Italian Fagiolandia From fagiolo (bean) and the suffix -landia commonly used in names of countries.
Spanish (Americas) Reino Haba Bean Kingdom
Spanish (Europe) Reino Judía Bean Kingdom