Toad Town

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Toad Town
An overhead shot of Toad Town, as shown in Super Mario Galaxy.
Greater Location Mushroom Kingdom
Ruler Princess Peach
Inhabitants Toads, Toad, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, etc.
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All Stars (2020)

Toad Town is the capital city of the Mushroom Kingdom. Located at the doorstep of Princess Peach's Castle, the town first appeared in Paper Mario. Since then, Toad Town has become a recurrent location in the Mario series, especially the RPG games. However, much like Princess Peach's Castle, the appearance, design, and layout of the town has varied greatly each time it has reappeared, though it has always been depicted as a flourishing and cheery place.


Paper Mario series

Paper Mario

The northern area

In Paper Mario, Toad Town serves as the central hub through which all outlying areas can be accessed (in fact, most areas can only be reached by passing through Toad Town). The city is also the setting for the beginning and ending cut-scenes.

The southern area

A massive sewer system called Toad Town Tunnels is under the town and has blue Warp Pipes to all areas in the game. Badges, Super Blocks, and enemies lurk in the damp darkness.

Toad Town's main entrance square contains an item shop, the Toad Town Dojo on the second floor of a two-story building (the first floor of which is inaccessible) and multiple houses, including Russ T.'s library-like home. There is a Warp Pipe that goes to Mario's House. The western Goomba Road is also accessible from here. Rowf and Rhuff's badge stand (only open after the Calculator has been retrieved), a Toad House, the home of Merlon the fortune-teller and the Post Office are near the gate to Peach's Castle at the north end of town. This area also branches off to the eastern Pleasant Path. Minh T.'s flower garden is also here, and serves as gateway to Flower Fields. The area Peach's Castle was located at has a path to the east that leads to the Shooting Star Summit.

South of here the player can find Tayce T.'s house, the entrance to Toad Town Tunnels and the path leading to Forever Forest. In an otherwise abandoned house in the south-west part of town is the Shy Guy's Toy Box, where Muskular, one of the Star Spirits, was being held. Also here is a second item shop.

The southern-most area is where the train station is located, from here, the K64 train frequently departs to Mt. Rugged. The Li'l Oink farm is also found in this area, as well as the Playroom.

Finally, the western-most area of Toad Town has a harbor and a single building in which Club 64, a lively bar, is housed. A Whale, inside which Fuzzipede is fought, is found here, and may be boarded to access Lavalava Island. Another fight taking place in the harbour is the fourth fight against Jr. Troopa.

Items Found
Name of Item Icon Found In
Star Piece Under a hidden panel near the The Dojo and by the Three Beautiful Sisters.
Under a hidden panel near where Fice T. guards Forever Forest.
On ledge near the gate to Goomba Village (Requires Sushie)
Given by Russ T. after returning his Dictionary.
Given by Merlon after giving him a letter from Mt. Rugged.
Inside a tree near the Toad Town notice board
Quick Change Inside Merlon's place. Mario must Spin Jump three times to get this badge.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Toad Town is mentioned in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door by Zip Toad, he stated that he was going to be in a film and that he was heading to Toad Town. A postcard of him can be seen on the Excess Express also showing Jr. Troopa in the background, indicating he was either flying around or he happened to hear that Mario was on the Excess Express and he was looking for revenge. It is unknown about this. It is also mentioned by Lumpy if you want to read his Journal.

Mario & Luigi series

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Mario walks around Toadtown Square in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga to learn the basic skills of the game. Mario visits it only at the beginning of the game.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Hollijolli VillageToadwood ForestBowser's CastleYoshi's IslandKoopaseumThwomp VolcanoGritzy DesertToad TownStar HillShroob Castle
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Toad Town before the Shroob attack in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.

In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the Mario Bros. and their baby selves travel to a Toad Town of the past, which is almost destroyed by the Shroobs. Only Gramma Red and Gramma Green remained there, and they sold their wares to Mario and Luigi. A Time Hole and a path to Star Hill are at the south end of the town. The town is filled with enemies as well. Most of the buildings contain items and coins.


Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Peach's CastleDimble WoodCavi CapePlack BeachBowser PathBowser CastleUnderground TunnelTower of YikkBlubble LakeToad Town CavesBumpsy PlainsToad Town
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Toad Town once again reappears in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It is where all the Toads reside in the game. It can be found just south of Peach's Castle. The citizens live in the northern part of the town, where they reside happily. At least until the Blorbs epidemic broke out and many of the citizens became infected and swelled like a balloon. The main part of the living area holds a fountain, with blocks that can only be reached using Shell Mario, which can be learned on the outskirts of town.

In the southern part of town is Toad Town Mall, which has been newly opened when Mario & Luigi arrive back from Bowser's Body. It holds all the shops in the town, as well as the Clinic used to find the Star Cures to unite as the Miracle Cure and heal all the Blorb-infected toads.

Beneath the town is the Toad Town Caves, which is where the Dark Star was sequestered in ancient times. That is until Fawful invades Toad Town and steals the dark entity for himself. There are also many pipes in the underground section of Toad Town that will lead into different sections of Toad Town and Toad Town Mall.

Mario Party series

Mario Party DS

Toad Town is briefly seen in the game's intro. During the intro, what appears to be shooting stars cross over the night sky in Toad Town. The first two Party boards are located in Toad Town itself. Wiggler's Garden is shown located in the town square, and Toadette's Music Room is located near the Town's coast.

Mario Kart series

Mario Kart Wii

Mario Circuit takes place in Toad Town. Here, Peach's Castle can be seen behind a wall in front of the starting line. However, unlike the Mario & Luigi series, the houses resemble normal, real-life houses, while in the videogame series they are mushroom-shaped. There are several Toads and Shy Guys watching the race from the houses and fences.

Super Mario Galaxy Series

Super Mario Galaxy

The introduction takes place in Toad Town. Also, after 120 stars are collected, a Purple Coin mission appears in this area.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

The same as in Super Mario Galaxy, but the castle is located on the opposite side of Toad Town. Plus, there is no Purple Coin mission.

Places in Toad Town

Warp Pipes (Paper Mario)


Paper Mario

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Area Tattles (from Paper Mario)

  • This is the west entrance to Toad Town. In case you couldn't tell, it's the main gate. The fancy gate and the star emblem on the ground are symbols of this fair town. Goomba Village, where my house is, is a brief journey west from here. You'll find a very smart Toad named Russ T. living in this town. He knows lots of useful information for adventurers. You'll also find shops that sell various items. Oh yeah! There's also a Dojo.
  • It's your house! Cool! Nice landscaping! I like my house, but yours is even nicer. Did you do the decorating yourself?
  • This is the central area of Toad Town, a plaza in front of Princess Peach's Castle. Pleasant Path begins to the east of here. This used to be a bustling area before Bowser's attack. Guests at the castle were always in and out. And tourists came from all over to see the castle. The wizard Merlon also lives around here. If you get stuck, his fortune telling might just help you out! There's also a Toad House where you can take a short rest and a post office where you can pick up mail for your party members. Also, over by the flower garden, there's a guy named Rowf who's opening his own specialty shop.
  • Peach's Castle... used to be here. There's not even a trace of it now. How awful!
  • Miss. Tayce T., a famous local cook, lives around here. I'm pretty sure my mom wants to learn cooking from her. Tayce T. will cook for you if you take ingredients to her. Oh yeah! Forever Forest lies to the east, so a Toad watchman stands guard there and prevents people from wandering in.
  • This is the residential area of Toad Town. It's mostly homes. But there's also a shop. For Toad Town, this area is pretty quiet.
  • This is Toad Town's port. It's home to the only restaurant in town. I like to stand at the end of the pier and gaze at the sea.
  • There's Toad Town Station. It's a station for the Dry Dry Railroad. From there, you can take the train to scenic Mt. Rugged. And there's also Li'l Oink Farm, where they raise Li'l Oinks. Raising Li'l Oinks costs coins. My dad said there's a Playroom here, but I don't see it...
  • This is the reception area for the Playroom. You should ask what kind of games they have, Mario.
  • It's called Jump Attack. If you win the game, you'll collect lots of coins. If you lose, you won't get a thing. Too bad!
  • They said this is called Smash Attack. The idea is to whack the blocks placed on the floor. Let's get in there and smash all of 'em! But... Actually, it may not be a good idea to hit them all.
  • If we go east, we'll get to the entrance of Forever Forest. If we go west, we'll hit Toad Town. Remember?
  • This whale tongue is squishy. It makes it hard to walk. It's also kind of dark...
  • It's completely dark. I can't see a thing. Mario! What's up ahead? You know, being inside a whale belly is gross... Damp... Squishy... Let's never do this again.
  • It's a room beneath the Toad Town pond. I don't think anyone's been here for a long time.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノコタウン
Kinoko Taun
Mushroom Town
French Toadville(Paper Mario series)
Village des Toads (Mario & Luigi series)
Toad Village
Spanish Ciudad Toad
Ciudad Champiñón (Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time)
Toad City
Mushroom City


  • Toad Town has also been mentioned to in other games, such as the GameCube game Animal Crossing. The character Gulliver talks about his pet goldfish in Toad Town, implying that he lives there. However, he also talks about his goldfish in Hyrule.
  • The town known as "Mushroom Kingdom" featured in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars may have been a sort of predecessor to Toad Town. As a matter of fact, a certain beta screenshot of Paper Mario shows Toad Town's west gate labeled "Mushroom Kingdom" rather than "Toad Town" or its Japanese name, indicating that Toad Town was once considered to share names with this aforementioned Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars town.
  • The area in the town leading to Peach's Castle in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 is identical to Super Mario 64's.