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Bouncies as they appear in Yoshi's Island DS.

Bouncies are pink bubble-like enemies in Yoshi's Island DS. If one is touched, the character who touches it will bounce back a few feet. Thereby, these creatures can help the Yoshis to reach high places. Bouncies can also help Yoshi speed past fast-moving crushing walls by bouncing him at a high speed. They are prominently featured in the minigame Bouncy Maze.

Bouncies first appear in Level 2-5 of Yoshi's Island DS, called "Boing!".


  • In the level Teeth-Chattering Chill Zone, Bouncies that are bouncing off of the platforms can be slightly knocked backwards by hitting them.
  • The faces of the boss Six-Face Sal slightly resemble Bouncies.
  • There are enemies in the Kirby series with the same name.