Star (Yoshi's Island)

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This article is about a collectible in the Yoshi games. For information about the invincibility power-up from the Yoshi games, see here.
A single Star running.
Four Stars from Yoshi's New Island

Stars are are a common collectible in the Yoshi's Island games, found in certain defeated enemies and some Winged Clouds or by dropping an enemy or egg inside a Tulip. There are also packs of Stars that come in 10 or 20. Two of them also appear if a Yoshi Egg hits an enemy while it is red. These stars are used when Baby Mario falls off a Yoshi's back. The Stars creates a bubble around Baby Mario, protecting him from Toadies until it is depleted. Every Star collected adds one second to the Star meter, maxing at 30. Collecting Stars goes towards the 100% completion of a level.