World 4 (Yoshi's Island DS)

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World 4
Appearance Yoshi's Island DS
Levels 10
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World 4 is the fourth world in Yoshi's Island DS. It takes place in the mountains of Yoshi's Island, becoming snowier and colder in the second half as Yoshi scales greater heights. In World 4-5, Baby Bowser encounters Yoshi and his party, and decides to join them on their adventure. However, this alliance is short-lived, as at the end of the world, Bowser abandons the party as he attempts to go off with Kamek. World 4, like all other worlds in the game, has a total of ten levels; six regular, two hidden, and two bosses. The bosses in this world are Six-Face Sal and Big Guy the Stilted.


  • 4-1: Rock 'n' Fall - A Grassy Clifftop level. It has many falling stone blocks, and a couple puzzles involving these falling stone blocks. Common enemies in this level include Paratroopas and Wall Lakitus.
  • 4-2: High-Speed Cart Race - A Canyon with heaps of Mine Carts which can be ridden throughout the levels tracks. Mine Carts can also be used to crush any enemies on the track.
  • 4-3: In the Clouds - In the sky, hence the name Yoshi bounces from Cloud to Cloud in this level. There are several Clouds to jump from.
  • 4-4: Six Face Sal's Fort - The 4th castle, it is under lockdown. Number Balls are found in this level and they are used to unlock the doors to progress through the Castle. There is also a sea of Lava in the castle, and numerous Fangs that come from every corner. Six-Face Sal is located in the Castle's highest chamber.
  • 4-5: Friend or Foe? - Baby Bowser is introduced in this level. Yoshi can use his abilities to light up dark places and scorch any foes in the way. His abilities come in hand in this snowy level.
  • 4-6: Slip Slidin' Away - An icy level where Yoshi has to utilize the help of all 4 babies at some point. Bumpties and Drool Hards are common in this level.
  • 4-7: Teeth-Chattering Chill Zone - A level with very slippery grounds and platforming sections. It also has Bouncies that try to ram Yoshi off the ground. There is also a skiing section near the end of the level.
  • 4-8: Castle of Big Guy the Stilted - The scary castle. It is home to Big Guy the Stilted. Numerous Shy Guys and Fire Snifits are found in the castle along with pits of Lava. There is also more obstacles that appear.
  • Secret 4: Hurry and Throw! - A level with three different themes. First a Forest-Meadow theme, then a warehouse with lava where Yoshi must shoot 3 Number Balls in their slots to escape and a platforming section in the sky with Paratroopas, Bullet Bills, and Podoboo Cogs.
  • Extra 4: Let There Be Light! - A dark level with spikes and torches. It is also home to enemies such as Blow Hards and Fire Snifits. There are also icy sections in the level.