Fire Spitter

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Fire Spitters, as seen in Super Mario 64.

A Fire Spitter is an obstacle found solely in the game Super Mario 64. They are tiny black spheres that hover in place a tiny distance off the ground. They usually line the edges of pathways. A Fire Spitter is perfectly motionless and harmless until Mario passes by. Then it expands to about twice its size and shoots a tiny fireball that chases Mario around. If hit by the flame, Mario will run around uncontrollably while steadily losing three life pieces. Fire Spitters cannot be destroyed by any means, but avoiding them is not particularly challenging.

Wet-Dry World

A "broken" Fire Spitter in Wet-Dry World.

A cool feature of Wet-Dry World is the ability to change the water level in the course using small diamond-shaped switches. There are two infamous Fire Spitters located in the Downtown area of Wet-Dry World; however, due to a mistake in the level design, they are useless. Even at its shallowest point, the water level in the area is high enough that the two Fire Spitters are submerged, rendering them completely harmless.

The Fire Spitters can be activated with glitches as shown in this video, they were completely removed in the remake as they have no function.