Six-Face Sal

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Yellow Yoshi fighting the bizarre Six-Face Sal.

Six-Face Sal is a bizarre wooden wheel with six faces on it that appears as a boss in Yoshi's Island DS. To defeat him, Yoshi must jump on a wheel-like platform and turn it to turn the wheel to the face that enlarges. However, the face that enlarges can throw-up Needlenoses. Yoshi must hit the pink face, not the red faces.

It is unknown what species Sal is, if he is part of any species in particular. He possesses a face similar to that of Super Mario Bros. 2's Phantos, and also laughs in a way identical to Boos. The pink versions of his face also bear a resemblance to Bouncies.

Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
French Sal Six-Faces -
German Sechs-Fratzen-Fritz "Six-Grimace Fritz"